Just another one of our little secrets

A colleague passes on this reader complaint, with the comment, "What planet does this person live on?":

I would like to know why we don't hear more from SC or Columbia's media about the Governor's inclination to refuse the stimulus monies when SC is in such desparate need. This state ranks about last economically,educationally, yet ranks high on crimes.  Shouldn't this money be extremely vital to SC… is the media bias… playing politics or what? 

Dang, and after all our efforts to keep the governor's position on this secret…

9 thoughts on “Just another one of our little secrets

  1. Greg Flowers

    This is not related but yesterday I saw the author Scott Turrow speak. He said: “I’m from Illinois, where the Governors make the license plates”

  2. Jazzabelle

    Oh — but it IS related, Greg!
    We’ve got a pair of elected officials that NEED TO BE making the license plates they have previously only scripted. With cute little word poems…
    [Neither one is Governor Sanford — much as they’d like to be.]

  3. julian shand

    Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect. Soon we can become another China.
    It’s good that almost nobody reads THESTATE or any McClatchy.

  4. Lee Muller

    Governments in SC are not in “deperate need” of money.
    The economy is much better now than it was under Jimmy Carter, or the first two years of Reagan, until Reagan passed income tax reform.
    Without any of this federal debt money, the state and local governments would have to spend at 2004 levels, which were full of lard then.
    The state could cut plenty of money from other useless programs to fund the unemployment system.

  5. T

    There’s the answer for your colleague Brad – that reader lives on the same planet as Lee.

  6. KP

    Maybe it’s the opposite side of the same planet Sanford lives on. Your reader should find him there, and ask him about the stimulus himself.

  7. Lee Muller

    As usual, I post facts, and you sputter insults.
    I live on the world known as Reality, far, far away from your little Takes a Village.

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