Is there a problem with the blog, or are y’all just forgetful?

Today I received a string of “Password Lost and Changed for user” messages from WordPress, all involving blog regulars.

Is there a problem? Are folks getting kicked off the blog and having to re-register? Or are y’all just forgetting your passwords?

If there IS a problem, I may not be able to fix it right away — there is a lot I have yet to understand about WordPress — but I can try…

7 thoughts on “Is there a problem with the blog, or are y’all just forgetful?

  1. Claudia

    uhhh… that was me, Brad! Sorry, I was at work and trying to reset my password ’cause I have too many to remember without my handydandypasswordthatiremember-protected Word document. And yeah, I did it a couple of times because I was having trouble accessing my home email from work, then had more email issues when I got home. ANYWAY, it’s all good now… sorry for the trouble!

    SO, a little bird told me you’re with us at USC now – is it so?? Whatcha doing? Hope you like it… I love working there, best job I ever had (yadda, yadda, I know, but in this case, true!) and getting to work on my M.A. is a huge bonus. If the rumor is accurate, welcome aboard!!!

    PS – And Nice ‘N Natural has the best chicken salad this side of the Mason-Dixon!

  2. Herb B

    I originally tried to register under my full name, but kept getting knocked out, so I finally gave up and opted for an initial on my last name. For the present it’s probably best this way, anyway, until next fall at least.

  3. KP

    Why, Herb? What happens next fall? You running for office?

    As a made man on this blog, I don’t like having to log in again every time I shut my computer down or disconnect my Internet access. But you’ll probably mess everything up trying to change that. So I’m trying to remember my password.

  4. Rich Post author


    This site is harder to use than the old one. We should be able to post without having to log on. The new approach is kind of like the Republican approach to voting. Let’s make it as hard as possible so that only morons like Lee Muller and Greg Flowers (neither of whom apparently works) are able to log on and spew forth their venom, invective, and loser politics.

  5. Greg Flowers

    Rich- Please refer me to anything that I have ever posted that is either vememous or invective filled. Your opinion of me as a moron with loser politics is fine, though I obviously disagree, but I have never insulted those with whom I disagree.

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