A sort of lame version of haiku

While my main motive in getting a Twitter account was to promote the blog, I confess to be slightly seduced by the thing itself, as it is slightly fun to try to express something in that straitened form.

Sort of like a cheesy, less-demanding form of haiku.

Here’s what I’ve posted today while I was not blogging:

Cap City closed. Lizard’s Thicket instead. Monday paper $.75. (Paper free at Club). Poor me.

Oppressive Iran regime shuts down Facebook. Oppressive regimes not all bad.

Happy Yankee Memorial Day, y’all! (Six days early, that is…)

Walking across the Horseshoe, thinking, “Could this weather be more perfect?” Even in coat and tie…

Starbucks again. Have to. I do a meeting or two in the a.m. these days, and I’m wiped. PTSD or something.

Yep, it’s insipid, but you can see me trying to post an actual thought there on the Iran thing. Hey, I didn’t say it was profound; but it was a thought.

And I’m actually kind of worried about the Starbucks thing. I posted from there yesterday as well:

I’m at Starbucks now. Got a refill and I’m watching the rain. Is this tedious enough for y’all yet?

Actually, waiting for this cup to cool a bit, feeling the 1st one, watching the rain is sort of beautiful.

I can sort of see why the heathen spend their Sundays this way. An alternative way to keep it holy, perhaps…

(…or is that rank heresy, may God forgive me yet again?) Must go now…

Is it cheating to do multiple tweets in a row like that? Am I failing to preserve the unities? Do I care?

I don’t know why I get so tired by mid-afternoon every day. When I w0rked at the paper, I’d go for 12 hours without feeling a thing. I think it’s more tiring just to do different stuff every day, and to have one’s future so uncertain. Probably good for me in the long run, though. I hope. Don’t new challenges help us stave off Alzheimer’s?

6 thoughts on “A sort of lame version of haiku

  1. Ralph Hightower

    Well, I surrendered to Twitter.

    A former coworker, whose technical opinion I respect said that Twitter is about “community”, much like Toastmasters, or in your case, Rotary.

    During the Hubble servicing mission, I received news before it was announced on NASA-TV.

  2. H

    Search for Brian Unger and twitter. Funny and true.

    About the Starsucks thing, Brad. If you were walking around the U, Cool Beans would have been a much better choice. Break your chains and support your local coffee houses.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    My husband, who as a professor often works at home, pointed out that when one works at an office, one doesn’t work so intensely as when works alone–there is “water cooler” time. You also lack routine. You are doing something different, not only every day, but also from what you did for umpty-ump years….and w/o the usual supportive friends (Cindi and Robert I know about from your writing) around you….and all the reasons you cited.

  4. Fashizzle

    “I do a meeting or two in the a.m. these days, and I’m wiped.”

    Brad, Please explain why the taxpayers are forking over tens of thousands of limited tax dollars for your consulting “work” at USC this summer. You’re not even trying to pretend this isn’t a sweetheart deal.

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