Ariail in color!


You saw it here second — Robert Ariail has posted a full-color cartoon on his blog. You may notice that the colors are somewhat richer than what you’ll see from most cartoonists who have climbed on the color bandwagon in recent years. They usually look about as good as Ted Turner’s first efforts at ruining great old movies by “colorizing” them.

Robert, being a purist — he’s always been a strict pen, brush and ink guy, without any digital manipulation, which is one reason why his cartoons are so good — had resisted the trend. But when a client made a special request, Robert of course met the need with his usual meticulous craftsmanship. Here’s his explanation:

Folks, this is a color version of a recent cartoon. It was commissioned by The Washington Post Weekly Edition for their next cover. Since I don’t have the hardware to color my stuff on-line, I did this the old-fashioned way with watercolor.


Robert sets himself a tough standard, as always — and meets it.

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