Congrats to Inez!

Well, I think the president made a good choice in picking Inez Tenenbaum to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission. So do a lot of other people.

I got a release from the S.C. Democratic Party saying Carol Fowler and Jim Hodges and John Land were pleased, but you sort of expected that, right? More to the point, Lindsey Graham, and, even more than that to the point, ex-rival Jim DeMint both issued supportive statements.

So with no one to say her nay, I’m guessing Inez is in. And that’s good news for America’s consumers. I think she would have been a fine Education Secretary, but I know Inez will do a great job at this as well. She’s that smart, and that hard-working.

7 thoughts on “Congrats to Inez!

  1. Lee Muller

    She fits the Obama mold of appointees who are totally unqualified for their jobs as head of HHS, Homeland Security, Sec of the Treasury, “car czar”, Sec of State…

  2. KP

    Well, no one else has said it, so I have to: Ironically, Lee, you’d have been qualified for all those jobs.

  3. Lee Muller

    I guess that is your way of saying you don’t dispute the lack of qualifications of so many Obama appointees.

    Of course, Obama is the least qualified president in history. He is incapable of evaluating the people he appoints, and he will tend to appoint people inferior even to himself.

    Just look at the company he keeps and his mentors:
    Bill Ayers
    David Axelrod
    Reverend Jeremiah Wright
    Louis Farakhan
    various radical Muslim clerics
    various communists

  4. Bill C.

    No worse than hiring Clyburn’s daughter for the FCC. But Brad is so far up the Tenenbaum’s butts this column was a given. Well if Carol Fowler and Jim “Elmer Fudd” Hodges says so, it must be so. Given how badly she screwed up the SC Dept. of Education, can you truly say what you did with a straight face? I couldn’t, in fact I laughed when I first read it. I know staff members who worked under her tenure, they called her management style “perfected incompetence”.

  5. martin

    Lee’s SCNative Persona was sooo much nicer.
    Lee go read the previous post with Mr. Brasher’s bible verse. What did you think of it?

  6. Lee Muller

    1. There is no post by Herb Brasher. Why don’t you quote the Bible verse?

    2. Why don’t you comment on Inez Tennebaum’s qualifications?

    3. Why don’t you use your real name?

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