Are y’all having any trouble posting comments?

I see that some comments ARE being posted, but I’m also getting cryptic messages from WordPress suggesting some of you are having to re-register and whatnot.

I had to go change some settings last night because suddenly the site wasn’t letting ANYBODY comment, and I thought I had everything fixed. But maybe there’s something else I need to change.

I’ll post this on Twitter (where I’m up to 161 “followers” now, which almost qualifies me as a cult) and Facebook, so that just in case no one can respond directly to this, those of you who follow me there can let me know by one of those routes.

And if you’d like to START following me there (I post on Twitter a lot more often), my Twitter name is BradWarthen, and just search for “Brad Warthen” on Facebook. (I’m shocked to discover there are two of us on the planet, but I think you can tell which one is me.)

8 thoughts on “Are y’all having any trouble posting comments?

  1. Travis Fields

    I had to re-register with Word Press to comment here. (Or was it Type Pad?)

    But that was kind of strange, because I used the same program to comment on another site just recently. I think maybe it was caused by the Firefox update.

  2. SGMret

    Sorry, Brad, but I’ve just got to continue my Luddite ways. Took about 45 seconds to re-register and get another password. Guess I’ll stick with the blog.

    Facebook and Twitter… Are you really serious? Do you have a sparkly, glitter covered cell phone too?

  3. Karen McLeod

    This logging in is no fun at all. Are they (or you) afraid of blog terrorists? How many blogs have been attacked?

  4. Burl Burlingame

    The logging in is to help control blog spammers. BTW, Brad, if you mean the comment above, it’s still there.

  5. Burl Burlingame

    Bloggers get unsolicited “comments” all the time that say things like, “Great blog! You’re a genius!” and the return address is something like

  6. Burl Burlingame

    And sure enough, I just checked my own Admin area, and a “comment” awaiting approval on the Sanford cartoon touted the delights of Kiev prostitutes. Possible link?

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