Glenn McConnell joins in

Glenn McConnell has joined the resignation chorus, in his own 19th century manner. Rather than come right out and demand the governor quit, he has summed up the situation, and said as a gentleman that he expects the governor to do what a gentleman ought, under the circumstances:

Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell issued the following statement today:

“The Governor’s personal failings have become widely known in the last week.  Those personal failings are his alone and we should allow him and his family to deal with them privately.  However, the Governor has offered up details about his indiscretions very publicly and they have been widely reported. Those admissions and the reaction of the public have raised in my mind whether the Governor can effectively lead the state in the days, weeks, and months to come.  The Governor does not need to be a paragon of virtue, but the people need to know that he is trustworthy and he is committed to serving them.

The Governor has admitted he lied to his staff in order to travel out of the country.  In doing that, he left the state with no leadership for five days and with no ability to handle an emergency if one arose.
Now, after his latest admissions, we must wonder has the Governor come completely clean.  Each time the press uncovers a new issue or the Governor volunteers new details, both he and our state are embarrassed.

The Governor is to the citizens of this state, the people of the United States, and those around the world the face of our state government.  For people who seek to bring new business or expand existing business in South Carolina, he represents South Carolina.  He can either be a great asset or a tremendous liability.
Neither I nor my colleagues in the General Assembly can require that the Governor resign.  That decision is his alone. I do believe, however, that the Governor has lost the support of the people that is needed to govern.  Therefore, I would ask the Governor to look in his heart and decide whether with his family situation and the public uproar over what he has done and said locally and nationally whether he can lead our state for the remainder of his term.

This is not about Mark Sanford the person.  This must be about the government of South Carolina and making sure it operates effectively for the next 18 months.  He needs to decide immediately if he is an asset or a liability for our state.

I would beseech the Governor to do the right thing for himself, his family and our state.  I believe he knows what the right thing to do is and I hope that he will do what is right.”


6 thoughts on “Glenn McConnell joins in

  1. Karen McLeod

    At this point Mr. McConnell is showing better sense (and less hypocrisy) than Senator Graham. Have you seen the news that Gov. Sanford is now refusing to release the financial information regarding his trips? I wonder why he volunteered to release it to start with, because reneging on releasing information looks worse than refusing to release it at all. Meanwhile, is there any truth to the rumor that Sen. McConnell has stepped down from his current post in the Senate in order to avoid becoming Lt. Gov?

  2. GayGrayGeek

    Well, poo, I’ve just been Onion’ed. Brad, is there any way WordPress will let you set stuff up so the poster of a message can tuck his tail between his legs and delete it?

  3. Brad Warthen

    I don’t know, GGG. I’m having a lot of problems with WordPress today. I’ll look into that once I deal with all these other gremlins…

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