No public schedule for YOU!

A working journalist friend has been forwarding me the governor’s public schedule, and she’s tired of doing it, and says I should just ask Joel (Sawyer, the gov’s press guy) to send them straight to me, and I haven’t asked him yet. Do you think he’ll send me one? Am I, as a blogger, sufficiently legit? We’ll see. When I get around to it. I’m kinda busy job-hunting and stuff.

But if he’s going to refuse to send one to anybody, it will be the folks over at the state Democratic Party. I mean, the poor guy tries to take a few days with the wife (he just sent out a new schedule postponing the rest of the week’s appointments so he can have some time with Jenny) under extremely trying circumstances, and they get all over his case:

SC Dems Outraged By Sanford Second Summer Vacation

Columbia, SC – South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler released the following statement today in response to Governor Mark Sanford taking another vacation after being back on the job for less than a month. Sanford canceled pending work for the rest of the week.

“A good many South Carolina families with out-of-work breadwinners had been hoping their governor would stick around and look for ways to bring more jobs to the state.  He’s essentially been off the job for a month, and now he’s off again for a week’s vacation.

“Of course, unlike most South Carolinians, Mark Sanford gets paid whether he shows up for work or not.  Once again it’s clear that there is one set of rules for Sanford and another set of rules for everyone else,” said Fowler.

Now, you see, Sanford’s thinking about now, this is why I didn’t put out public schedules before now

I strongly suspect that — apart from when he was doing his executive budgets, which he was very obsessive about, and I mean that in a good way — one reason the gov never put out schedules before was because they would have looked kinda thin. I don’t know that; I just infer it from all the complaints I got from people who said this governor wouldn’t meet with them, unlike previous governors. Such as the folks over at Employment Security, who can be seen complaining about that very thing on this video.

So unless the governor starts doing a lot of gubernatorial stuff he didn’t used to do, his public schedules are going to give his critics lots of ammo. Which is why South Carolina’s Democrats are so thrilled that he keeps saying he’s not going to resign. They really, really want this state of affairs to continue through the 2010 election. It’s like Christmas every day for them.

8 thoughts on “No public schedule for YOU!

  1. bud

    Nice new look to the blog. Very professional looking.

    As for the gov, what difference does it make really if he actually does any work or not. He should just stay at the beach with his family and try to work on that situation. (Why she would still want the bastard is another story).

    He’s the lamest of lame duck right now and for the life of me I can’t figure out why he doesn’t even have enough self-respect to just go ahead and resign, disappear and move on. With unemployment @12% his absence certainly can’t do any MORE harm than his here-to-fore presence.

  2. Karen McLeod

    Neat blog look. Now the question is whether Gov. Sanford causes SC more pain when he’s working or when he’s gone. When he’s working, he’s generally angering the people he’s supposed to be working with and sabotaging (whether he means to or not)any chance of progress. Of course, when he’s gone, he generally slowing down the whole works. BTW, I liked your idea for a comic strip. Surely y’all can get someone interested in it.

  3. martin

    I was just watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and she had the guy who wrote “The Family” about the apparent cult that Sanford, Ensign, DeMint, etc. are involved with.

    Members are inculcated with the idea that they are chosen by God and they are not accountable to anyone but The Family; not to constituents, family, America.
    Sounds just like Mark, doesn’t it?

    So, the theory is that’s why he and Ensign are not thinking of resigning, though they demanded it of others. They are simply better than anyone else and the rules don’t apply to them.

  4. Santee

    According to all reports, Jenny Sanford was extremely active in making the case that he could serve as governor while repairing his broken family. The citizens of South Carolina have a legitimate concern in this, and it isn’t the family side of things. On the other hand, you’re doubtless right that this schedule gives opponents a lot of ammo precisely because it is similar to what he has always done — or rather has failed to do — regardless of personal issues. There is no reason to think he is a worse governor than he was a month ago, or a year ago, or five years ago.

  5. SGMret

    I think the people at MSNBC are borrowing the roll of hat-making tinfoil from some of the other folks who post here regularly.

    Sanford’s already shown that he can’t keep secret a common extramarital affair. Do you really think the other members of the Skull and Crossbones Society or this equally mysterious Family would trust the buffoon with their secret plans to dominate the world?

    On the other hand, my previous criticisms of the Governor’s work ethic (or lack thereof) posted on another thread still stand.

  6. martin

    SGMret, it appears to me that Mark carried on his “crossing the line”, up to the affair, since 1995. That’s a pretty good roll on living a secret, double life.
    A hacker’s information and a pointless, maybe intentionally self-destructive, disappearance being put together by The State over 6 months are what led to these 15 years of deception being exposed.
    I’m a anti-conspiracy theory kind of person. When this story broke & I first heard about C Street, I started searching & ended up at Wikipedia, searching some of it’s leads & reading an exerpt from the book “The Family”, which is interesting.
    I think their leader Doug Coe is probably just another lobbyist trying to get rich. What is disturbing is yet more co-opting of our elected officials by lobbyists, in the guise of religion, exploiting their connections to the religious right. Then, building on that to get support for whatever Doug Coe’s goals are. I want my government out in the open, not run like a cult.
    It appears, if Ensign, Sanford, Coburn, Wamp and DeMint are indications, it preys on the somewhat weak minded, more opportunistic members of Congress to gather into the fold. This will probably be it’s downfall. Coe has failed to see that the quality of people our country sends to Washington has been going downhill for quite some time.
    I’m just glad we are hearing more about this group, it needs to be exposed.

  7. Lee Muller

    You had better be more disturbed by those in power, who are making billions for themselves by engineering an economic depression.

    Start with the Democrats on the boards of FNMA and FMAC, who made $400,000,000 in bonuses based on false annual reports, who lost over a trillion dollars in home equity value and brought down the banks.

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