Today’s job fair: Sweatin’ at the museum

Today's job fair at the S.C. State Museum. (Don't know whether all these folks are job-seekers; some may just be visiting museum.)

Today's job fair at the S.C. State Museum. (Don't know whether all these folks are job-seekers; some may just be visiting museum.)

Well, the job fair at the State Museum today was a great success, if you measure it by turnout. The place was packed during the noon hour. I had meant to go earlier (it started at 11), but I wanted to swing by the Bauer thing at the State House, so I think I was probably there at the peak.

By the time I got in from the jammed parking lot I was already pretty sweaty, even though I didn’t put on my coat until I was inside. Looks like I’ve got another candidate for the cleaners (sorry, bud, but I don’t know any way to job hunt except in a coat and tie). And for all the sweat, it wasn’t as productive for me. I think the employers at the Fort Jackson one I went to probably came closer to having openings that I might be suited to. Better yet, that one was less crowded, and it was easier to have a normal conversation with the folks at the tables.

This one was a madhouse. I guess some civilians hesitate to go to something on the Fort, but they definitely didn’t hesitate to show for this one.

Not much else to say, except to share my Tweets from while I was there:

This job fair has some of same names as Ft. Jax one: Aflac, Richco sheriff, others. Much bigger turnout…

I’m ruining another jacket milling about sweatily at job fair. A dry cleaner’s dream…about 4 hours ago from web

Toys not as good at this job fair as the last one. All I have so far is an unexciting keyring from Carmax.about 4 hours ago from web

Mary Kay and Avon going head-to-head at the job fair…about 4 hours ago from web

Maybe I’ll come back to job fair later. Can’t have tete-a-tete w/ prospective employer in this madhouse…about 4 hours ago from web

3 thoughts on “Today’s job fair: Sweatin’ at the museum

  1. kbfenner

    Okay, Brad–if it’s just sweat, and not overall grime that’s a problem, you don’t need to dry clean. You need to turn it inside out and either Febreze it (Libby Heath’s secret) or better yet, get you some cheap cheap vodka and put it in a spray bottle and spritz the jacket. As it evaporates, the vodka takes the odors with it and leaves nothing behind. I read about this on a “green” website and have used it on a number of fabrics, including silk. Works like a charm. You can add a few drops of scent to it if you like….

  2. kbfenner

    Even my husband, a/k/a Stimo, can pour vodka into a spritzy bottle and pull the trigger without breaking a sweat…

    Drycleaning is bad for the fibers of your clothing. Clothes last so much longer if you clean them only when they are truly grimy, as opposed to just “unfresh.” Most experts suggest drycleaning suits only once a season.

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