A Little White Guy who lies

If you wonder whether our governor can hit new lows, you should depend on him. He can, and will:

Gov. Mark Sanford says he told “a little white lie” to his staff to conceal his secret trip to Argentina in June to visit his lover. The governor also says God is on his side, and he has no intentions of resigning…

That is drawn from an interview in The Washington Times. Goldang them pointy-headed liberal newspapers!

The governor’s narcissistic, never-failing willingness to excuse himself boggled the minds even of the Times‘ editors; their headline was “S.C. Gov. Sanford says God on his side.” He also, in the piece, claims to know how Sarah Palin feels. At least he doesn’t claim Sarah is his “soulmate,” for which we are thankful.

You see, our governor apologizes, and lightly flogs himself publicly (in rituals less convincing that that of Henry II), but he doesn’t mean it, because his life experience has not given him understanding of consequences. In his mind, anyone who thinks he should resign (which should be the minimal consequence, given his actions) has something wrong with him (or her) — ulterior political motivation or whatever. In his mind, surely no fair-minded person would want him, Mark Sanford, to suffer consequences. Not a tall, rich white guy who hasn’t had to do any actual work this decade (or most of the decade before, near as I can tell) … not him

8 thoughts on “A Little White Guy who lies

  1. Birch Barlow

    Some thoughts:

    “Little white lies” usually are made for the sake of others — not yourself.

    A conservative who claims God is on his side? No way!

    Of course, it would really suck to be a Christian and have your own God against you.

    From the article it isn’t exactly clear what he is referring to when he says “what God wanted me to do with my life”. So maybe he hasn’t lost it.

    Of course, judging from all the facts and circumstances surrounding this man the last few months, he has lost it.

    Sanford probably does know how Sarah Palin feels. Now, if someone ever knew how she thinks then I’d really be impressed.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Now, I see the governor has decided to investigate travel by officials at the state’s universities.

    He no doubt fancies that this is a two-birds-with-one-stone deal. University presidents DO travel quite a bit (much of it on fund-raising trips, since the state so pathetically underfunds public education). So the governor probably figures he can draw heat off himself, AND lower public opinion of the college administrators. Given how much the gov despises public education, and doesn’t want universities engaged in either research or economic development, that would be quite a bonus side-effect for him.

  3. kbfenner

    Indeed, I bet all the Republican legislators at the conference believe God is telling them what to do, that God is on their side. Doesn’t that mean Sanford’s God is outvoted?

    and if Mark understands Sarah now, maybe he can understand resigning? Just a thought…
    in case he really cared about us little people.

  4. Lee Muller

    Brad, it was announced a few months ago that you had been hired by USC. Exactly what is your relationship with them?

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