Am I cut out to be a Mad Man?


When Kathryn corrected me on the title of the TV show “Mad Men” (and she was right; it was two words), I went to the official site to check — and ran into a thing where you can build your own Mad Men avatar.

So, being unemployed, I did. Well, there’s more to it than that. Being unemployed, and having recently taken a couple of mild forays into consulting in the advertising field (in fact, I’m sitting in the offices of an ad agency as I type this), I thought I’d see how I looked in that milieu.

Not so great, as it turned out. But I did manage to get myself into a scene with Joan Holloway, if only in caricature…

9 thoughts on “Am I cut out to be a Mad Man?

  1. doug_ross

    Is this scene depicting the moment before you throw your cup of coffee in Joan’s face for smoking indoors?

    This past Sunday’s show was a trip – watching Don as he watches his son help his grandfather open a box with a huge knife.

    Betty smoking while pregnant…

    Kids riding around in cars without wearing a seatbelt…

    How did we all survive?

  2. kbfenner

    Brad–You look like Duck Phillips….or Dick Cavett….
    nah, you’re too Paul Kinsey to survive, I fear….

    and you had to check? C’mon, don’t you know by now?

    @Doug– My mom smoked and drank all through her pregnancy with me, and I was a ten pound baby. Born early. Go figure.

  3. martin

    Kids riding w/o seatbelts?
    The little girl was actually driving !!

    Does anyone read the LATimes? They run a column about the show every Monday and the comments are amazing. After Episode 2, one person deduced that “Connie” from San Antonio, New Mexico in the club bar with Don was actually Conrad Hilton. THOSE are some very involved viewers in lala land.

  4. doug_ross

    I guessed the Conrad Hilton connection while it was happening… but had to Google his name to see that he was born in San Antonio, New Mexico to confirm it. I’m thinking we’ll see him again later on.

  5. Lee Muller

    Does the Internet really need another blog commenting on junk entertainment?

    If you are going to promote commercial mind dope, at least get them to buy ad space on your blog.


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