George Clooney has either never had a prostate exam, or a Facebook page, or both

We don’t normally do celebrity news at (with rare exceptions), but I happened to run across this item via Twitter:

Although more and more brands, movie stars, sports figures, and other celebrities are moving to Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook as a way of interacting and sharing with fans, many of Hollywood’s A-List stars are still avoiding social networks.

George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars — he’s handsome, congenial, and talented — and also Facebook-page free. reports that when asked about Facebook at the Toronto International Film Festival last Saturday, Clooney responded:

“I would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.”

… and it inspired the above headline.

Of course, the message we are to take away is that George Clooney is such a big star that he doesn’t have to promote himself. Which is true. But he doesn’t have to be so snobby about it. I mean, it’s one thing for me to turn my nose up at celebrities, but they’re not supposed to do it right back at me…

7 thoughts on “George Clooney has either never had a prostate exam, or a Facebook page, or both

  1. BillC

    I don’t have a Facebook page either, I don’t really see the need. I keep in touch with the friends and family I want to, and really don’t want those I don’t to know what I’m up to or where I am. I also don’t Twitter, people I know really don’t know need to know when I’m going to the bathroom, my random thought at the moment, or any other reverse-stalking moment in my life. If I want people prying into my life, I’ll deal with them individually.

  2. martin

    The Sumter Item, among others, sometimes checks Facebook, My Space, etc when someone gets arrested and includes some of their more idiotic comments in addition to the details of the crime. Hilarious.
    Good for George!!!

  3. BillC

    I haven’t been contacted, maybe they can’t find me because I don’t have a Facebook account. I still have to see Ocean’s 12 and 13 before I sign a contract.

  4. RalphHightower

    You don’t have to Twitter that you are doing a dump in the bathroom.

    It all depends on who you follow. If you follow people interested in body functions, then I’m not interested in you.

    From a group of people that I follow, I get news before it is announced on their television feed on the Internet (it’s a government agency). I don’t depend on public or cable news anymore for Space Shuttle launches and missions.

    BTW, who is Ashton Kutcher?


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