Joe’s sorry, but he’s not sorry… In fact, he wants you to reward him by sending him money

You might say that Joe Wilson’s behavior last night was a case of politics-as-usual — the never-ending partisanship for its own sake — taken to a new low.

And today, Joe is continuing as though he had done nothing wrong, and in fact asks you to send him money to reinforce his behavior:

Today I need your help more than ever before. I’ve been under attack by the liberal left for months because of my opposition to their policies, especially government-run healthcare. They’ve run commercials in my home district and flooded my office with phone calls and protestors. They’ve done everything they can to quiet my very vocal opposition to more government interference in our lives. Now, it’s gotten even worse.

But I will not stop fighting against their policies that will only lead to more government interference, more spending, and higher deficits.

Will you stand with me today by making a donation to my campaign? If you do, I’ll be able to fight back against the attacks by the liberal left.

But what about his apology, you ask? Well, he addresses that:

I am also frustrated by this, but watching my Democratic colleagues in Congress scoff at the protests of their constituents has made me even more infuriated. Unfortunately I let that emotion get the best of me and I reacted by speaking out during the President’s speech. I should not have disrespected the President by responding in that manner.

But I am not sorry for fighting back against the dangerous policies of liberal Democrats. America’s working families deserve to have their views represented in Washington, and I will do so with civility. But I will not back down.

Now, I need your help. Last night, the liberals used my outburst as a rallying cry behind my Democratic opponent. Some of the nation’s most liberal online activists have helped him raise over $400,000 in just a few short hours.

Look, Joe, I don’t like it that Rob Miller has pulled in all that money as a result of your foolishness, either. Rob Miller was a weak candidate for Congress, and having a treasure chest dumped in his lap this way could set him up to be your only viable opposition again next year, with similar results. There are (surely) better-qualified people in the 2nd District (not me, but somebody), and they are liable to be scared off by Miller sitting atop a mountain of money. But who made that happen? YOU did.

And the remedy for that is not to send money to you… That would be a logical response only if one believes that this never-ending left-right warfare, the very dynamic that caused you to act as you did last night, is a good thing, something we want to keep supporting with our cash.

And no sane American should want that.

13 thoughts on “Joe’s sorry, but he’s not sorry… In fact, he wants you to reward him by sending him money

  1. kbfenner

    So we get another unrepentant “apology” from a nationally embarrassing Republican.

    Nice going.

    I’m going to shop for shoes online. I understand that.

  2. Karen McLeod

    I have written to Rep. Wilson, asking him to explain why he thinks that this legislation allows illegal immigrants to access subsidized health care, and to suggest changes to the legislation to correct the problem. I have written to Rep. Clyburn, Sen. DeMint, and Sen. Lindsay saying that I respect their views and applaud honest, constructive debate, but asking them to publicly repudiate those partison gambits that they know to be untrue. I would suggest that others communicate similarly, expressing their views on this legislation, and their opinion of the very partisan politics we have seen lately. If we just grumble among ourselves we almost guarantee that there will be no change.

  3. Lee Muller

    Get off this diversion, people.

    Read the bill. Obama is a crook and a liar.

    The news media is covering up Dealergate, the scandal that 789 Chrysler dealers were shut down because they donated to the GOP candidates in 2008. Over 300 dealers have joined in a lawsuit and are deposing Chrysler executives and Obama appointees.

    Car Czar, Steve Rattner, is married to the former Finance Chairman of the Democratic Party. Is it starting to come into focus for you?

  4. Lee Muller

    President Obama Misleads Public on Health Care for Illegal Aliens
    Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:11pm EDT

    President Obama’s assertion that illegal alien would not be covered under AAHCA is directly contradicted by an August 25 report, Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200, issued by the Congressional Research Service. The
    nonpartisan research arm of Congress concluded, “H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens – whether legally or illegal present, or inthe United States temporarily or permanently – participating in the [Health Insurance] Exchange.”

    Once in the Exchange, participants are free to enroll in the government run health insurance program. This public option, established under H.R. 3200,
    would be heavily or entirely subsidized by the American taxpayers. While illegal aliens are barred from receiving “affordability credits” to help pay
    for private insurance, CRS noted the absence of any mechanism in the bill to verify citizenship or legal residency.

  5. BillC

    I wonder if Obama will ignore this comment much as Sanford did when Brad tried his 15 seconds of SC fame? Both came across as dumb-asses.

  6. Lee Muller

    When is Clyburn going to apologize for saying the people are too gullible to buy their own medical insurance; they must be told what to do by the government?

    When is Clyburn going to apologize for saying (Feb 20), that the Democrats’ health care proposals “are the down payment on full reparations”…, and anyone who opposed universal care was “a racist”?

  7. RalphHightower


    But that was a press conference where reporters jostle for a response.

    In a deliberative body, like Congress, there are rules of protocol (Robert’s Rules of Order, etc).

    Obama had the floor to speak.

    Joe Wilson was out of order, in terms of House and Senate protocol. He should have waited it out and asked to speak.

  8. Lee Muller

    I already said I disapprove of Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar during his speech. Obama is a liar, and Joe Wilson is obligated to point it out in every other appropriate venue.

    Obama needs to come to a forum where real citizens can ask him real questions, without a teleprompter. A courtroom would be good, too.

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