See how bad it sounds, Democrats?

A number of Democrats — well-meaning folk, mostly — have been showing their own fannies over on Twitter and Facebook by responding to Joe Wilson by saying, “Bush lied.” Yes, they really are. You push this partisan button on them, and they come out with that automatically. Examples:

  • Where was Joe when W was standing there lying through his teeth about WMD, etc?
  • Isn’t yelling You Lie! at Obama after 8 years of Bush like requesting Freebird after Lynard Skynard has left the stadium?

Do they not see that, rather than  highlighting Joe’s sin, they are demonstrating that they’re on his level? Can’t they stop and realize, “Oh, that’s what WE sounded like for the past 8 years… gosh, that’s embarrassing.”

But they don’t. They actually believe that when THEY do it, they’re standing up for truth and right.

When I see stuff like this — Joe’s outburst; the response of many Democrats — I lose hope for my country. This is what will cause our noble experiment in self-government to fail.

But then I’m encouraged when I read this Tweet from Anton Gunn, an Obama acolyte who truly believes in bipartisanship:

The level of partisanship is off the meter today. People don’t get it. If you row backwards and I row forward, we just spin in circles.

Thanks, Anton. We needed that.

13 thoughts on “See how bad it sounds, Democrats?

  1. doug_ross

    Based on this fact-check done by the Associated Press on Obama’s speech:

    it seems like Joe Wilson could have stood up a few more times.

    As long as both sides of the issue twist words, obfuscate, and yes, lie, no good will come of this.

    Until we have term limits and can get people in government who are dedicated to making difficult choices and are not influenced by campaign contributions, don’t expect anything to change.

    There’s only one party in this country – the Greed Party.

  2. Lee Muller

    Barack Obama:
    Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan.

    Arnold Kling, The Atlantic:
    And if we don’t pass this plan, does he intend to keep the waste and inefficiency, out of spite?

  3. kbfenner

    Somehow starting a war based on known misinformation seems like a really big deal to me, and the families of the troops who fight and die there….
    but call me partisan.

  4. Lee Muller

    What “known misinformation”?

    Bill Clinton made 80 speeches about Iraq’s WMD, 94% of Democrats voted for war with Iraq in 1998 and in 2002, and we captured 600,000 tons of poison gas, chemical weapons, biological weapons, and 5,000 high-explosive bombs in intermodal cargo containers (for conveyance by truck and ship).

  5. bud

    I was taking bets on how long it would take Brad to start squawking about how BOTH sides are mis-behaving in the whole spectacle. This isn’t about anything the Democrats are doing. This is about the GOP acting like a bunch of complete idiots. Given the horror of American health care it needs changing. Republicans don’t want to do a damn thing. They’re more worried about the insurance companies losing business. Hell the whole damn bunch of ’em deserves to go out of business. Their shameless efforts to deny care and spent billions on advertising and ways to deny coverage is simply dispicable. We’re a better nation than that.

    So let’s not get sidetracked by a few liberals who corrected point out how Bush lied us into war. Even thought it’s true, it’s completely irrelevant now. What’s important is to focus on defeating the ridiculous fear-mongers and bad-mannered idiots like Joe Wilson who simply want to maintaing the status quo. He doesn’t care about regular folks. He’s an elitist as is the whole party. The dems are the pragmatists. And they should be supported for acting like adults, not condemned for a few accurate but misplaced comments.

  6. Burl Burlingame

    At the risk of being overly simplistic, basically, Republican strategy is to divide voters, Democratic strategy is to unite them.

  7. BillC

    Great, now Brad is on the Anton Gunn bandwagon… when everyone who has dealt with Anton knows he’s just a Jim Clyburn in training.

  8. Randy E

    “Clyburn in training?” Why, because they are both black? Sad little comment BillC, but I am frankly not surprised. Perhaps you also feel that Sotomayor should have voted like the other Hispanic judge. After all, all people of color should be mindlessly lumped together.

  9. BillC

    Randy E – Nice play of the race card… are you a minority or a minority wannabe? Actually I know Anton Gunn, he’s only looking out for himself. I’ve seen it for years, he is the only person in the Statehouse to one-up Andre’ in get rich quick schemes. Slumlord and rip-off phone card dealer are just two of the titles he holds or has held. He goes after the same people he asked to vote for him… much like Clyburn. But I’m sure you can’t get past the race issue… which by the way you brought up.


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