And, for a less nuanced view, here’s Jon Stewart

Earlier today, I set forth a morally ambiguous view of the Franken amendment. For the simpler, this-is-such-a-slam-dunk-it’s-funny view, I share with you the way the matter was presented by Jon Stewart.

You can’t say you don’t get all sorts of views here. And there’s no question, this whole gang-rape issue is funnier the way Jon Stewart tells it than the way I do, but… oops — is the way I just put that prejudicial? (Could it be I’m one of those fogeys who is offended by the idea that so many college-educated young people rely on this guy for their news?)

Whatever. Just go ahead and make up your own minds.

7 thoughts on “And, for a less nuanced view, here’s Jon Stewart

  1. Brad Warthen

    One more point and I’ll get out of the way for y’all to have a go…

    I’m struck by the way Stewart contrasts the supposed cold indifference of the Republicans on this issue to their great moral indignation about ACORN.

    Good, because it allows me to say again how boring the subject of ACORN is, unless you ARE a Republican trying to score points on the Democrats for their ties to an organization that, what, supposedly advised a bogus prostitution organization? — in precisely the same way that Democrats are seeking to make Republicans uncomfortable with the Franken amendment.

    This, by the way, the Mark Sanford approach to politics: You don’t care about accomplishing anything, you just want to set up your political opponents (in Sanford’s case, the leadership of his own party in the Legislature) to vote AGAINST something that you can later make them look bad for voting against. (In his case, it’s about promoting the image of those self-serving good ol’ boy legislators who stand in the way of a true reformer like ME, the only one standing up for YOU, the taxpayer…)

  2. Karen McLeod

    It sounds like the bill passed. Does this mean the world is coming to an end? Or that our army is going to collapse? Are the owners of Halliburton on the edge of starvation (and I thought we could nail Halliburton for so-o-o much more!).

  3. Burl Burlingame

    You can’t make a decent joke out of the day’s news unless you first absorb and process the day’s news. Even though it’s in the service of (often pointed) humor, the “Daily Show’s” folks do essentially the same job newspaper editors do, package what’s happening in the world for their audience.


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