Look at those cavemen go…

Ever since I watched the start of “Life on Mars,” as previously mentioned, I’ve had Bowie’s song of that name stuck in my head.

It’s not that the tune is so great, when you hear it in isolation. And I find the original Bowie video visually off-putting (I’d forgotten glam went that far, but it does help me recall why I wasn’t into it).

But the way it was used in the TV program — as the background for the pivotal moment when the protagonist is transported back to 1973 — is really effective. I complained that the series disappoints in some ways, and it does, but that was a really good bit.

By the way, that scene bridges this clip and this one on YouTube. Word in your shell-like, to again use a phrase I picked up from the show…

5 thoughts on “Look at those cavemen go…

  1. Bart

    The difference between “Life on Mars” BBC original and ABC version is staggering. BBC – excellent 5 stars plus. ABC – piece of crap, pardon my language.

  2. Bart

    I have always like Keitel and some of his work is outstanding. He was about the only redeeming feature on the American series which I will admit, I only watched once or twice, can’t remember, too forgettable.

    My wife is a big fan of most BBC series especially Inspector Morris when it was on, Waking the Dead, and Midsommer Murders. There are several others that are of great quality in both acting and writing. Intelligently presented and does not insult the viewing audience.

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