Tune in to hear me on the radio Sunday morning

Temple Ligon has asked me to be on a radio show tomorrow morning (Sunday). I’m to call in at 10:45m

Listen in on AM 1320 if you’ve a mind to… I’m not sure what you’ll hear; I haven’t heard the show before. I’m just going to call and see what happens…

5 thoughts on “Tune in to hear me on the radio Sunday morning

  1. BillC

    What is this AM radio you speak of? I think the last time I ever heard of anything on AM radio, I still had a rotary dial telephone.

  2. kbfenner

    From today’s WashPo

    “Completely false allegations incubate in the fringe and jump within days to the mainstream, distorting any debate or progress we can have as a society,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which released a report last month noting a rise in the “militia movement” over the past year. “What’s different is that a great deal of this is real fear and frustration at very real demographic and cultural changes.”


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