More power to Jenny (just not POLITICAL power, OK?)

Last week, a Republican friend drew my attention to, which he derided as being … I forget the word he used, but it was something like “egomaniacal.”

But when I looked at it I saw little to criticize. It’s apparently been up for awhile — I saw posts from 2008 and even 2007 — and why shouldn’t the First Lady have a Web presence? It was tasteful, and had been quietly updated with such language as:

Mrs. Sanford is enjoying spending more time in her most important role as mother of her four sons … and is separated from her husband…

I mean, what else are you gonna say?

Anyway, Jenny made a bit of a splash over the weekend when it was learned that, right after the Argentinian bimbo eruption, she went out and trademarked her name.

Well, so what? Hey, when you find yourself in the center ring of a media circus, which always creates the possibility that somebody‘s going to make some money off your name, why wouldn’t a reasonable person make sure that she is that someone?

You know what I did, first thing, when I learned I couldn’t take my old blog with me when I left the paper? I went out and bought One of the few smart things I did, even if it hasn’t lead to any money yet. And I advised Robert to run out and buy, which he did.

More power to Jenny, say I. Just not any political power, please. We’ve had enough of where that leads, in the past seven years.

12 thoughts on “More power to Jenny (just not POLITICAL power, OK?)

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Okay–here’s why it seems a bit, uh, off– she did it–the trademark filing– 8 days after all heck broke loose–that seems awfully calculating–I know she knew ahead of time, but still. Then there’s the problem that she says she’s doing it pre-emptively–which you can’t even do effectively–trademarks in this country depend on use. You, Brad Warthen, are using your name. You don’t even have to file.
    Her filing was either ignorant–not likely, or bullying use of the law–not effective, but scared off folks who might use her name.

    She says she wants the press to respect her privacy, and then goes in Vogue. She reportedly uses her influence to call off the political dogs clamoring for her husband’s blood in June so she can save her marriage–the welfare of the state be damned. He should remain as governor so she can work on her marriage.

    I backed her until I read that in FITS NEWS. (which may not be accurate, of course, but when it comes to SanfordWorld, he’s in as good a position to parse them as anyone.)

  2. Greg Flowers

    She is a lady of the first order. The problems you refer to were caused not so much by Sanford’s politics as his personality. At any rate I have seen no evidence of Jenny Sanford seeking political power.

    A friend once told me that the requirements for obtaining political power in SC were “drinkin’ a lot of liquor and eatin’ a lot of stew.” I don’t see her doing that.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Kathryn, WIS reported that somebody was selling “Team Jenny” merchandise on the Web right after the infamous press conference. And you’ll recall that the Palmetto Family Council had its “Stand with Jenny” campaign going just before she filed.

    And while much of it was facetious, folks were suggesting such things as the WWJD (What Would Jenny Do?) bracelets, as reported here on the day before she filed…

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    If Jenny wasn’t selling the stuff, she may have trouble getting the trademark–which I understand is the genesis of the story, anyway–the Patent and Trademark Office wants more details before it will proceed with her application.

    If others beat her to the punch, she may be out of luck–it’s first come first served, except for her likeness and exact name.

    Besides, you can’t get a lock on the name “Jenny”–what would Jenny Agutter do?

  5. Greg Flowers

    The folks down at the Gallivant’s Ferry stump speeches might doubt the masculinity of a mere beer drinker.

  6. Liz Shepherd

    Brad are you saying that Palmetto Health Foundation and the Palmetto Family Council are one and the same?
    If so, there is a big huge tremendous problem there…….

  7. Brad Warthen

    Oops! I had just been talking to Samuel Tenenbaum at Palmetto Health Foundation when I typed that. Next thing you know I’ll confuse it with Palmetto Citizens FCU…

  8. Libb

    Jenny lost her credibility with me the week in July when on Monday Mark told the world he had found his soulmate and was working hard to fall back in love with his wife. Jenny, rightfully so, fled to her parents in Florida. What self-respecting woman wouldn’t want to get far away from a jerk who had just globally humiliated her? But then on Wednesday Jenny released ANOTHER email about forgiving him (still working her influence to save his political hide), and on Thursday Mark was on his way to Fla to spend the 4th holiday weekend with her. Say what?!? In my lens, that week left the impression that Jenny was more concerned about their political capital than saving her marriage.

    I said then that she and the LuvGov were SC’s quirky version of Hillary and Bill. Nothing’s happened since to change my mind. If anything, Miss Jenny’s actions (from TM to Vogue to Book, etc) seem to confirm that these two are remolding their image in the likes of Hill and Bill.

  9. Kathryn Fenner

    Libb–I think it is impossible to unpick marriage and politics in the cases of Sanfords and Clintons. By all accounts, Hillary does love Bill and politics. I think the same is true about Jenny. At any rate, she chose to be the power behind the throne, and if the throne-holder does a runner to Argentina, I don’t see her being a Rachel Hodges or Mary Wood Beasley, do you? She wants something to manipulate, I think. Some power.
    I say this with all respect as someone who herself enjoys exercising power from time to time.

  10. Libb

    “She wants…some power.”

    My point exactly. As Miss Tina would say, “What’s love got to do with it?”

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