Some actual good news: The Main Street video

In finding that quote from Matt Kennell for that last post, I ran across this upbeat video that I actually saw unveiled at City Center Partnership’s annual meeting recently.

What with all the grumbling you hear from me on other matters, I thought you might like to hear some folks who are optimistic about our community — and quite a few of them, some of whom you will recognize, are people who have put their money where their confidence is.

Between the new office towers, the small businesses moving in and the news about Mast General Store coming to the old Lourie’s location (and if you’ve been to Greenville, you know how Mast can contribute to a lively Main Street), I think their optimism is well-founded. I hope so, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Some actual good news: The Main Street video

  1. orphan annie

    Boy, some of these people are truly out of touch with reality.
    While I agree the revitalization of Main Street is a great idea and appears to be working, some of the comments about life in downtown Columbia are based on a false premise.
    I was stalked out of my downtown home. I fled in fear of my very life.
    No law enforcement agency would assist me.
    If I am not safe, neither are you folks.

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