… and the BAD news is, he’s a blank slate…

Had to smile at this quote about Gresham Barrett in an AP story about his efforts to become better known to voters along the coast:

Barrett needs to introduce himself to coastal voters but “the good news is he’s a blank slate so he can paint what he wants on it,” said University of South Carolina political scientist Mark Tompkins.

As I’ve noted before, the problem with Gresham Barrett is that, for a leading candidate (“leading” at least in fund-raising), he remains disturbingly ill-defined for those of us in the rest of the state as well. While he’s defining himself for the coast-dwellers, I hope he’ll let the rest of us know more about what he wants to accomplish as governor…

One thought on “… and the BAD news is, he’s a blank slate…

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    A stopped clock is right twice a day. I’ll take a blank slate over a cracked one (DeMint, et al.)any day, but I agree with your point.


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