Robert Ariail and me at Yesterday’s tonight


Several months after Duncan and Scottie McCrae established the Warthen/Ariail memorial booth at Yesterday’s, Robert and I were yesterday3finally both there at the same time tonight, and a good time was had by all.

Robert got there first, and there were some other people in our booth, but Robert thrashed them and threw them out. Not really, but it sounds better than way. Actually, he waited until they left, then claimed the table.

Neither of us have jobs yet, but Robert has that $10,000 he got with that major award, so I let him pay. (He kept saying that — “Major Award” — and laughing uproariously, because it reminds him of the Dad in “A Christmas Story.” Occasionally he would add, “Frah-GEE-lay!”)

This was the first time we had met there since the night when we got canned. Actually, it was the last day of our employment. We had gotten the word the week before, but had two weeks to clean out our offices. But on that last night, March 20, we headed for Yesterday’s for our first post-employment beer, and then finished the evening over at Goatfeathers, where the owner is also an old friend of Roberts. (I pretty much stick to Yesterday’s myself, but then I yesterday4don’t have quite as many drinking buddies as Robert, who spent a lot of years in this town as a single guy.)

By the way, the columns on display on the wall are this one (my last in The State) and, more importantly, my penultimate column, the one about Robert (which was actually the last one I wrote at the paper; the other one just ran later.)

Anyway, I want Duncan and Scottie to know that we are both deeply honored, and will not let so much time pass before we put in another appearance. It’s definitely my favorite place in town to hoist a pint or two. And the food is good, too.

Now be sure, if you haven’t yet today, to go check out Robert’s latest cartoons.


9 thoughts on “Robert Ariail and me at Yesterday’s tonight

  1. Mike Albo

    I can honestly say that it was a privilege to work with both of you guys at The State. Since the departure of AC, there have been many mistakes made. “Canning” the two of you, as you say, one of the most egregious. Your friend, MA.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    You look like a priest from one of those On the Waterfront era films. Didn’t your mama teach you to take off your cap inside –at least by the time the beer is served? Not the most flattering photo, but you guys look ever so jolly.

    There sits the talent that was The State. (no offense to Cindi and Warren)

  3. Kathryn Fenner


    Fashion note to Brad: hats are tricky on men of a certain age, much as vintage is on women of a certain age. The irony gets lost and it tends to look sincere. ’nuff said.


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