What do Barrett donors think they’re buying?

Noting the reports that Gresham Barrett has outstripped the others running for governor (more than $2 million and counting), I found myself wondering, what are those donors hoping to achieve with their gifts?

I mean that in the purest sense: Obviously, these folks want to see Rep. Barrett elected, and I’m wondering why? And I ask that because I have yet to understand his reasons for running. In the one interview I’ve had with him on the subject, back during my last week at the newspaper, I was struck by the degree to which he had little to say beyond, essentially, I’m a conservative Republican, so elect me. Nothing in particular about anything he’s like to achieve if he wins the post. And I haven’t seen anything more substantial than that from him since, but I’ve been distracted, so maybe I missed something.

Now I realize that in certain circles “I’m a conservative Republican” is just chock full o’ meaning, a heckuva compelling argument, but it doesn’t mean enough to me to motivate me to vote for or against a candidate. I want something more precise to hang my hat on. And while I can almost understand people voting for a guy based on nothing more than that airy impression, it baffles me that anyone would actually lay down hard cash in support of anything so vague.

This makes me think these donors know something that I don’t. So I’m wondering what that is. If you gave money to Gresham Barrett’s campaign, please help me understand, so I can decide whether I think you made a good investment or not.

8 thoughts on “What do Barrett donors think they’re buying?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I understand his website is really spiffy and you get to “interact” with the apparently personally appealing Barrett. In some circles, that appears to be enough to generate donations….

  2. Karen McLeod

    These days, running as a “conservative republican” means that 1) you are a white, born-again Christian who expects everyone to live by his credo or hide, 2)you know that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the intelligensia 3)you are homophobic (actually part of 1, but emphasized to showcase your morality), 4) you are extremely anti-abortion, but 5) against any form of welfare (the ‘welfare queen’ is alive and well in their imagination, 6)you are pro-gun, and 7) you are against taxes, anywhere, for any reason. That’s what his donor’s think they are buying.

  3. Susan

    His latest move to reintroduce HR3075 (basically, throw immigrants from “terror sponsoring” states out of the country, even if they’re currently here with a valid visa, unless they can get an exemption) seems like such a blatantly political move (and not a terribly creative one at that) that I tend to dismiss him. He says it’s necessary because of our “recent terrorist attacks”. But neither of those attacks were even by people from “terror sponsoring countries” (Nigeria and the U.S.) And, assuming I read the bill right, it seems like it would hurt a lot of innocent people who are here in school or working with valid visas.

    Does anyone know any reason that he’s worth considering?

  4. Steve Gordy

    Actually, it’s all an Upstate plot. The Upstaters are angry that the Low Country is shutting them out on the state level. Meanwhile, the Upstate has both U.S. Senators, three of the six U.S. representatives. Who feels left out? Those of us who live with hailing distance of U.S. 1.

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    @ Steve–Why do you think that is? Are we just too waffly to stick together, or what? It’s really not obvious to me WHY we get shut out all the time…

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