Colbert interviewing Maurice in 2002

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Back on this previous post someone happened to mention that Stephen Colbert (that discriminating TV journalist who gets all his S.C. news from yours truly) once interviewed Maurice Bessinger about race relations, BBQ sauce and Confederate tube socks.

Michael Rodgers of “Take Down the Flag” responded with this helpful link, and it was sufficiently, uh, enlightening that I decided to embed it here.

Now you know, folks — leading South Carolinians were embarrassing us on “The Daily Show” long before Mark Sanford started crying for himself in Argentina.

To paraphrase the point that Mr. Colbert makes on the video, with a Rebel Yell, they cry more, more, more. And they just never stop…

2 thoughts on “Colbert interviewing Maurice in 2002

  1. Michael Rodgers

    1) Here’s a video link to Rep. Mike Pitts discussing his nullification bill (H.3509):

    2) Here’s Sen. Robert Ford (D-Charleston) waxing about the civil rights champion and current Senate President pro tempore Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston) from the SC Senate Journal Feb 9, 2010:

    “Now for those Senators, ladies and gentlemen, who may not understand what civil rights are all about, I think GLENN McCONNELL symbolizes this more so than anybody else in the State because he helped me with helping to designate Martin Luther King’s birthday as a state holiday, even though we did not have a Confederate Memorial holiday at the time. He helped me before and after I attached the Confederate Memorial Holiday because I thought it was the right thing to do.”

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