Frank Holleman speaks to supporters

As I mentioned on a previous post (the one with the picture of Leona), one of the things I did last night was drop by Capt. Smith‘s office for an event he was having for Frank Holleman, who is running for state superintendent of education.

He talked about his experience as U.S. deputy secretary of education (under his old boss Dick Riley) and reasons why he’s running.

Actually, James himself wasn’t there until just before I left (although you can sort of halfway see him in the last second of the video) — he was tied up in court. But a number of other key Democrats were there, such as the Fowlers. Not very many, though, as I think you’ll see if you watch at least a couple of minutes of the video (to where I panned the room). There were quite a few more people at the Steve Benjamin thing I went to at Marvin‘s house right after this.

I just went ahead and gave y’all the whole speech he made to the room, because I just haven’t had time to edit it down. This is probably more than you want, but there it is. Just one of the things we do for you here at the blog of record, where you get all the news that gives you fits.

4 thoughts on “Frank Holleman speaks to supporters

  1. Walter

    Again with invitations to Democratic events. When was the last time you were invited to a Republican event? You say you’re neither Democrat or Republican, but sure spend a lot of your time over in the left wing. I can’t recall the last time you mentioned being invited to a Republican function.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    He just had breakfast with Kirkman Finlay–how much more Republican do want? Also,he’s not spending a dime at these fundraising affairs and not writing particularly favorable posts….

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