My poor lost readers, searching for me (and, happily, finding me)

Well, this is interesting.

I just ran across the stats from my OLD, abandoned, derelict blog (floating, rotating in space like one of those wrecks that our heroes pick over on “Firefly“) — while looking for something else — and discovered that in the last 30 days, it’s had 6,520 page views.

It’s had 180 today alone.

All this despite the fact that I haven’t posted anything there since … let’s see… March 19, 2009.

Admittedly, there’s a lot of good stuff there in the archives, stuff to which I frequently refer people. I appreciate that my friends at The State keep it running (and why wouldn’t they, since that provides more entry points for and its advertising?).

Maybe most of those page views are from me linking folks to old stuff that I prefer not to repeat. Or maybe… and here’s the poignant interpretation… it’s readers who haven’t heard the news, groping about trying to find me. I hope they do.

Apparently, they ARE finding me, because I see my traffic on my current blog is now averaging about 96,000 page views a month, which is more than twice the traffic I was getting on my old one at the time I left the paper. That is gratifying indeed, since I may be on the verge of selling advertising myself…

Thanks for reading. Keep it up. But hey, folks, lookee — I’m over HERE now!

6 thoughts on “My poor lost readers, searching for me (and, happily, finding me)

  1. Elliott

    I agree with Mr. Windham. This blog more than makes up for not being able to get The State in my part of SC. Selling advertising should mean you’ll be here for awhile.

  2. sallizar

    Hmmm… You may have more than that… I only log a page view when I show up to comment… The rest of the time I read via Google Reader which I doubt logs a page view…

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