Someone is following me and taking photographs


Actually, it seems to be more than one “someone.” It must be a full surveillance team, like Toby Esterhase’s lamplighters, or that Mossad team that took out the Hamas guy the other day. Particularly impressive is the one above, in which I appear to have been photographed while I was conducting surveillance on someone else. These people are good. This is no amateur operation…

One of the more interesting — and to a privacy freak (which I certainly am not), more disturbing — aspects of social media is this thing where someone sends you a message saying something cryptic such as:

Patty tagged a photo of you in the album “Birthday-album 2010 (1)”.

2911_1075651045349_1048405121_30185321_6174690_nAnd you click and find your mug on a calendar, and you click again, and eventually you find a photo of yourself you didn’t know someone was taking, or one that you posed for and forgot about, such as the one below of me with the mayoral candidates.

And then you keep clicking, and you find picture after picture of yourself in wildly different contexts, from a candid at some political event (such as the one at right of Boyd Summers and me chatting about all the white folks at a Tea Party event) to a lineup at a family gathering in Maryland.

It’s strange and sort of wonderful. You feel yourself Connected To All Things. Or at least like a character in Antonioni’s “Blow-Up“…


14 thoughts on “Someone is following me and taking photographs

  1. Brad Warthen


    I’ll have you know that when I was a kid, I thought flip-up sunglasses were the coolest thing, because MLB outfielders wore them for dealing with pop-ups.

    I’m no longer under the illusion that they are cool, but they certainly are practical. A year or two ago I sat on my prescription Wayfarers (which WERE cool) one too many times, and they broke right across the nose bridge. So I turned to these as a cheap replacement.

    And wouldn’t you know it, the one image of me that has appeared most in state AND national media is of me unconsciously wearing my flip-ups at the infamous Sanford press conference. If I’d known how often variations of that image would appear (there I was on Barbara Walters’ recent “Jenny” special — she also used the clip of me saying, “Governor, are you going to resign?” as an intro to a discussion of political fallout) — if I had been aware I was being photographed at all — I’d have taken the things off. Without them, I’d have looked pretty natty (by my standards) in my bamboo-fiber jacket and hound-dog bow tie. There I was, the sharpest-dressed guy in the room, and the flip-up shades are all anybody sees…

  2. Walter

    That might be the first time “bow tie” and “best dressed” were ever used in the same statement, and not describing a 3 year old.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Walter just edged a little closer to that trap door.

    Seriously, fella, I’m willing to go along with your claim that you’re not Bill, but this constant little tapping at people — criticizing what they wear, calling them by nicknames when they say they don’t want you to, and so forth — will earn you a ticket off the blog. It contributes to a negative tone that really, really reminds me of someone who is no longer allowed here…

    If it sounded like you were joshing to be friendly (and I’ve chosen to treat it that way so far), it would be one thing. But increasingly, it doesn’t sound like that at all…

  4. Brad Warthen

    A couple of archived comments from “BillC:”

    “Now you know exactly how we feel every time we see your pencil necked, bowtie wearing, geeky mug atop of every Sandford bashing article.”


    “Does anyone take anything said by someone in a bowtie seriously? Look at Andrew Sorenson, his stupidity got old fast and he was all but shown the door once his Innovista failure began to show it’s ugly head.”


  5. Walter

    Brad, 99.9% of the population thinks bow ties are a fashion mistake. You might as well be breaking out a Members Only jacket and a pair of parachute pants. The only people that think bow ties are cool are the same people who think seersucker suits are cool fashion statements. Maybe you could renew your image and put on a big bolo tie… or maybe one of those Col. Sanders ties.

    Think what you will, I’m starting to think you’re losing it.

  6. Kathryn Fenner

    All joshing aside, I think Brad dresses exceptionally well. He doesn’t even go over the top like some nice dressers can do–Charlie Austin skirted that line a lot. Brad dresses like a gentleman, conservative, yet with a definite style and modernity. Bowties work for some people, and Brad is one of them.

    Now, Brad, a friend who wears prescription glasses has those sunglasses that magnetically stick to your (metal) frames. They match the underlying glasses perfectly and look quite sharp. At least you don’t wear those giant over-the-top-of-your-glasses wraparound shades like my mom does—she gets a pass cuz she’s 79.

  7. Betsy DuBard

    Bowtie — fine. Flip up sunglasses? Not so much. Sorry — but my dad used to wear them, and even at 49, I still can’t find that cool.

  8. Andres

    “At least you don’t wear those giant over-the-top-of-your-glasses wraparound shades like my mom does—she gets a pass cuz she’s 79.” —Kathryn Fenner

    I love those! They are HILARIOUS!


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