For the first time ever, I want a Barbie doll


christina-hendricks-240Or at least, I did when I heard about it, until I saw it. The new Christina Hendricks doll is a disappointment, as it lacks the real-woman curves of the original, to say nothing of the doll’s vapid expression. But nice thought, there. You almost had a great idea, Mattel.

Christina, as you should know, plays the indomitable Joan Holloway on “Mad Men,” and she’s the single best reason to watch the show.

She was also wonderful in two episodes of “Firefly,” so it was great to see that she got some steady work after the network execs demonstrated their utter lack of taste by canceling that classic.

Beyond her looks, Christina is one awesome actress; her characters unforgettable.

Joan Mad Men

4 thoughts on “For the first time ever, I want a Barbie doll

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    The Joan doll looks like the original Barbie, who I think wasn’t even blonde. The Don Draper doll looks like Joel Grey in Cabaret. Ewwww

    I wanted me all of them, too, until I saw the $80 per price tag.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Here’s something I’ve always wondered about dolls — and this goes for GI Joes as well (as we all know, GI Joes are not dolls; they’re action figures) — how come they can’t come up with some kind of thin fabric that looks realistic on them? I’m pretty sure Don Draper wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit that fit like that…

    I wonder about a lot of stupid stuff, don’t I?

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    There IS plenty of thin fabric–silks and microfibers—I think part of the problem is in the construction techniques–all the seams add bulk, and even little sweatshop kids have to get their fingers in their to sew them—so you could have a molded stretch outfit–GI Joe, the SEALS edition, maybe…..or Emma Peel Barbie (love the leather catsuit, no?)

    The things we worry about….

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