Move over Pacific Islanders, here come the Rebs!

Hey, all you increasingly angry white folks? Do you find waving snake flags at Tea Parties still leaves you surprisingly unfulfilled?

Well a group called the “Southern Legal Resource Center” (not to be confused with the Southern Poverty Law Center, although that would seem to be the intent) is suggesting a way that you can get what you’ve always wanted, deep down: The chance to be a member of your very own, federally-recognized, aggrieved minority group:

Declare ‘Confederate Southern American’ on Census forms, group says

By Rhonda Cook

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Southern Legal Resource Center is calling on self-proclaimed “Confederates” to declare their heritage when they are counted in the 2010 Census.

The organization is urging Southerners to declare their “heritage and culture” by classifying themselves as “Confederate Southern Americans” on the line on the form, question No. 9, that asks for race. Check “other” and write “Confed Southern Am” on the line beside it, the group says on its Facebook  page and on two YouTube videos.

“A significant number of Southerners identifying themselves as Confederate Southern Americans on the Census form could finally spell the beginning of the end for the discrimination that has been running rampant, especially for the last 20 years or so, against all things Confederate, and for that matter against Southern heritage and identity in general,” SLRC executive director Roger McCredie said in a written statement.

He said this campaign could result in protections for “Confederate Southern Americans” much like those for other groups.

I was recently taken to task by a regular for referring to people as “neo-Confederates” and such. Will it be all right for me to do so if they officially designate themselves as such? I would think so. In fact, I would think I could leave out the “neo”…

8 thoughts on “Move over Pacific Islanders, here come the Rebs!

  1. David

    If they want to call themselves Confederates, they deserve all the heat they get for it. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and often times look like a naive fool for doing so.

  2. Spencer

    Rather tame attempt to generate publicity by pretending to want to play the identity politics game perfected by the Democrats.

    If you read Sen. James Webb’s book “Born Fighting,” you will find that he makes an explicit appeal to people of Scots-Irish descent to self-identify as a separate and distinct cultural and perhaps even ethnic group.

    Are you willing to provide goals, timetables and set-asides for red-headed people named Jackson who speakwith an Appalachian twang?

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Well, I’m a German-American. Late 19th century immigrants. Let’s go ahead and slice ourselves up by century, of even decade, when our ancestors came here.

    Who was calling me on my statements that nullification was a step down the secessionist path….

  4. Karen McLeod

    Can I have a designation of my very own? After all, how many Scots, Irish, Blackfeet Indian can there be around here?

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    @ Burl==nice one!

    @ Karen–I’m reckoning there’s a fair number of your kind up in the mountains, no?

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