The front page, Friday, March 12, 2010

Here’s today’s page, served up on an afternoon schedule, as many of you (and I) prefer:

  1. Clinton rebukes Israel over East Jerusalem homes — Joe Biden expressed his displeasure during a visit to Israel earlier in the week. Now they’ve got Hillary on their case. A one-column lede.
  2. China Warns Google — This ongoing battle of wills between this American megacorp and the world’s most populous country has the feel to me of being a hinge of history — a move away from the age of nation-states, to a time when corporations conduct their own foreign policy on a high level. Yeah, I know that’s a trend that’s been going on for some time, but this case takes it to a new level, on that bears upon not only the global economy but even national security issues.
  3. Widening Abuse Scandal in Germany Enmeshes Pope — A senior church official acknowledges that “serious mistakes” were made in the handling of a sexual abuse case in a German archdiocese — when the current Pope was its archbishop.
  4. Cromartie faction scrambles to retain power — An “emergency meeting” of Cromartie’s supporters held a meeting last night from which a reporter (the intrepid Adam Beam) was barred. Mayoral candidate Steve Benjamin was a named guest at the meeting. Also, a judge was appointed in his case.
  5. Legal Experts Say Lehman Criminal Case Would Be Difficult — This is a followup to a story in this morning’s WSJ about a scathing report on the Lehman collapse by a bankruptcy court examiner, a report that “paints the most complete picture yet of the free-wheeling culture inside the 158 year-old firm, whose chief executive Richard S. Fuld Jr. prided himself on his ability to manage market risk.”
  6. James Brown’s body — In a London tabloid, a daughter claims that the body of the late South Carolinian, the Godfather of Soul, is missing. The Augusta Chronicle reports that there’s nothing to it, according to a funeral director.

Kind of a slow news day, really. Last Friday was newsier.

5 thoughts on “The front page, Friday, March 12, 2010

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    What is it about the children of icons, like the Browns and the M.L.Kings? James Brown was plenty wacky (his attorneys actually plead(pled/pleaded?) that he had diplomatic immunity from some criminal charges in Aiken County because he was the “Ambassador of Soul”), but his kids are off the charts. The King children are not that weird, but it is so disappointing that they cannot behave more peacefully towards one another—a trustee had to be declared for the center in Atlanta.

    and then there’s Lindsay Lohan–the latest in her “milk-aholic” suit is that it appears her estranged father filed it…..

    They just need to cohesify!

  2. Brad Warthen

    That’s pretty weird… and that would have been a good talker for my front.

    Again, Burl clues me in to something happening in our backyard (previously, it was Mike Pitts wanting to do away with US currency).

  3. HP

    Hillary needs to harness that ‘A’ personality and stay out of this one! Please, for the sake of women everywhere, Hil…

    I saw a headline in Haaretz yesterday:

    “Now the Americans are certain no one is in charge here”

    This headline could equally apply here. Here being America.


    P.S. There is a joke in Israel that all Cabinet fleet cars are equipped with a steering wheel and horn for each passenger, and no brakes at all.

    Politics is like Keystone Cops everywhere, I guess.


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