The way it is, Friday, March 5, 2010

One of the saddest extinctions (next to the ongoing slow death of newspapers, period) of the past generation was the passing of afternoon newspapers.

It still sort of floors me that that happened. PM papers were WAY more energetic, immediate and timely than their more staid AM counterparts, which have inexplicably lingered. Also, they were more plugged into their communities because the people who wrote and edited those papers actually got to go home in the evening like normal people, and go to social events and their kids’ PTA meetings, etc. AM paper people can’t do those things, not to the same extent.

But no use crying over spilt newspapers. Here’s today’s virtual afternoon newspaper:

US jobless rate holds steady — This is being interpreted as a sign of recovery. The Dow certainly seemed to think so today.

Dwight Drake drops out — Trailing Vincent Sheheen (but leading Jim Rex) in fundraising, the lobbyist quits the race for the Democratic nomination for governor the day after Sheheen shows surprising strength on Drake’s stomping grounds, the Legislature.

SC House cuts business taxes — Really? As tough as you’re finding it coming up with revenue for essential governmental functions? Normally, a sound idea, but now?

Gordon Brown Says Iraq War Was ‘Right Decision’ — You may not know about this inquiry into Britain’s involvement into the Iraq War, but it’s huge over across the pond. It struck me as interesting that the current PM would stick up for my man Tony to this extent.

Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters — As I mentioned earlier, very promising indication of continuing national-security pragmatism on the part of this administration.

Pentagon Gunman Dies; Mystery of Assault Deepens — Talk about your Homeland Insecurity. Guy gets off subways, blasts away at the Pentagon itself.

See how much newsier, how much more immediate that feels, than a morning newspaper, in which the very newest news is generally 12 hours old?

One thought on “The way it is, Friday, March 5, 2010

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Cutting business taxes:

    CEO: “Let’s go to SC. They don’t have any corporate income tax!”

    Head of HR: “But their schools suck and they have a really high dropout rate, and …”

    CEO: “So you mean we’d have to transfer people in to actually do the work?”

    HR Person: “It’s awfully expensive to relocate people, and I don’t know if our best people would agree to go there….lousy schools, Confederate nutcases, wacky politicians…”

    CEO: “So we can’t put any skilled work there, and it’s still cheaper to source our unskilled labor overseas. Why did you suggest we locate in this almost Third World place?”

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