C’mon in, Gov. Crist; the water’s fine

I see that Jim DeMint is gettin’ all Vogon on Charlie Crist, saying essentially “SUBMIT! We are too powerful for you! Resistance is useless!“:

Washington (CNN) ā€“ Sen. Jim DeMint said Wednesday that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist should abandon his Senate bid and endorse his Republican primary rival.

DeMint was asked about chatter that Crist, trailing badly against Marco Rubio in the primary, might decide to run as an independent instead. “I hope that won’t happen,” he responded.

“That is a sour grapes approach – when you find out you can’t win, you bail out just like Arlen Specter did in his [Pennsylvania Republican] primary against Pat Toomey,” DeMint said of a possible independent bid by Crist. “I hope that doesn’t happen in Florida.”…

But — and this is not an unusual occurrence — I’d like to see the opposite of what ol’ Jim wants. I say, go ahead and run as the UnParty candidate, governor! Follow Joe Lieberman’s lead. C’mon in, the water’s fine. The grapes are sweet. Other encouraging metaphors

Three or four more, and we can call it a movement.

3 thoughts on “C’mon in, Gov. Crist; the water’s fine

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I enjoyed the letter in today’s The State that said that since reading that Kirkman Finlay has Jim DeMint’s endorsement, the letterwriter would vote for Steve Benjamin.

    If DeMint is fer it, I’m likely agin it, so you go, Crist!

  2. Bob

    I think Kirkman made a huge strategic mistake in making the DeMint endorsement a big deal. He knows he needs independent voters, that he already has the support of very conservative Republicans. In my mind, DeMint is an extremist who does not represent the ideology of the majority.

  3. martin

    S’cuse me. S’cuse me. Isn’t sour grapes, a real nasty case, what we’ve been dealing with from the Republic Party since the 2008 election?

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