Look whom I found! (It’s Bud!)


A little over a week ago, I started worrying about Bud. Y’all know Bud, if you know anybody in this community. The guy who gives me such grief over the Iraq war. The guy who calls me a lover of big government. The guy who was once GrandMaster Bud.

He’s also known as William Bloom (he acknowledged this in response to a recent post about anonymity). But not by many people. To his family, friends, and especially to his friends here on the blog, he’s Bud.

Anyway, Bud disappeared over a month ago. His last comment was on Feb. 25, on this post. Then we lost Greg Flowers (who had not commented since December), and I started to worry about Bud. So, one month to the day after he last posted, I wrote to him:

I’ve been worried about you because we haven’t heard from you in WEEKS.
Are you OK?

He wrote back, almost right away:

I’m fine but I keep getting these scary messages when I try to post on the blog that says the blog is dangerous to my computer somehow.  In any event it blocks me from posting.  Thanks for thinking about me.

William (Bud) Bloom

Relieved, I set that aside for the moment, because it was when I was starting to try to sell ads on the blog, and dealing with the last days of the city election.

But then, today, there I was at the Gervais Starbucks interviewing Kevin Fisher (more on that later — probably tomorrow at the rate I’m going) when in walks Bud. He saw Kevin first, and walked over, and just before he saw me I realized who he was.

He even — like Doug Ross before him — produced a picture ID, so that there’d be no doubt.

This was great! I love it when I meet one of my regulars, from Paul DeMarco to Laurin Manning to Emile DeFelice to Doug Ross to Tim Kelly (I first met him a year ago). It’s always an occasion. But this meeting was the most overdue. I’ve been blogging for five years, and it seems like Bud’s been there all along. How weird is it that we never met before in person.

Anyway y’all — meet Bud.

Now, we’ve got to fix his problem so he can return to the blog. I asked him to send a detailed message explaining just what sort of scary message he gets when he tries to comment. Then I’ll post it here and see if any of y’all know what to do. Then if that doesn’t work, I’ll solicit help elsewhere.

We’ve got to get Bud back.


9 thoughts on “Look whom I found! (It’s Bud!)

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I was awfully worried about bud, too. Glad to see he’s in apparently fine form. You gotta get him back in the blogopolis.

    Are you going to card me?

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Hey Randy E–what am I–chopped liver?
    Karen ought to be a bit offended, too!

  3. HP

    Welcome back, Bud.

    Confession Re: the Chess Club

    I would have been ‘one of those’ who joined for ulterior motives. Ditto for Geometry Club — but that membership would have had a nobler purpose: pass the asinine course.

  4. Ralph Hightower

    I don’t know what Bud’s computer problem is; but I am amazed by the sheer number of people that don’t have an active anti-virus system.

    After that 3 month anti-virus subscription expires, renew it! Keep the anti-virus up to date. Otherwise, in less than 15 minutes, that computer is no longer yours. It would be controlled from someplace in Romania, Russia, or China.

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