Better video: Pub Politics last night

Pub Politics Episode 2 from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

Here’s the high-res video from our discussion last night at the Flying Saucer with Wesley Donehue and Phil Bailey. The other guest along with me was Yvonne Wenger with the Charleston Post and Courier.

To give you a more detailed understanding of the conversation, I started out with a Stella Artois, then switched to the darker Gaelic-style beer from Asheville that Phil was drinking.

Someone asked on a previous post whether I was going to attend any of the political festivities this weekend. I plan to drop by the Clyburn fish fry today, and I’m going to sit at the bloggers’ table Wesley set up at the Silver Elephant Dinner tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Better video: Pub Politics last night

  1. Burl Burlingame

    One suggestion: Lavalier mikes.

    One more suggestion if you’re visiting political events: Think of yourself as the extended eyes of the average citizen. An avatar! Might help clarify your ambivilance about attending/covering such things.


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