Video: Steve Benjamin’s victory speech

In case you missed it — here’s Steve Benjamin’s victory speech from last night.

It’s in two chunks because it was slightly over the limit for YouTube as one. Still, even though I broke it up, it took have the night to upload.

I might post some additional video showing some of the flavor of the evening later in the day, when I get a chance to edit it.


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  1. The "It Kids"

    Benjamin’s T-shirt candidacy
    By adam beam | Published: May 1, 2009
    Columbia Attorney Steve Benjamin has not formally declared his candidacy for mayor, but Dutch Fork High School teacher Kelly Payne apparently knows something we don’t.

    Payne teaches a current issues class, which has attracted some pretty powerful people as guest speakers. She has a T-shirt that dubs her class the “den of Payne,” and S.C. blogger Adam Fogle recently posted a picture of it.

    The shirt lists Benjamin as a “Columbia mayoral candidate.” So far, Benjamin has not filed any reports with the state ethics commission. I called Benjamin a few times this week, but never caught up with him.

    Maybe Benjamin is trying to one-up President Barack Obama, who announced his VP pick via text message. Announcing your candidacy via T-shirt would be a first for Columbia politics.


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