Cigarette tax override effort under way

This would be just a tiny glimpse into the efforts going on out there to override the governor’s veto of the measly 50-cent cigarette tax increase, but I provide it as an example:

As you are probably aware by now, Governor Sanford has vetoed the Cigarette Tax Bill which would increase South Carolina’s lowest in the Nation Cigarette Tax by 50 cents.  The House and Senate may consider the veto as early as TODAY.
If you are so inclined, I would ask you as a favor to me to call your Representative and Senator and urge them to override the Governor’s veto on this important Bill.  I am working with the American Cancer Society on this, and this increase will deter teenagers from beginning to smoke and encourage current smokers to quit.  The increase in funds prevent further cuts to much needed health care programs.
Please take a moment and call your Representative and Senator and urge them to override the Governor.  Then please forward this message to anyone else you believe may be willing to contact their Representative or Senator.
If you don’t know who you elected officials are, you can click here to find out —
To find House of Representative phone number, please click here —
To find Senate phone numbers, please click here —
Thanks for your help!
Mary M. Greene

Mary Green is a longtime lobbyist. I first came to know her when she worked for the S.C. Education Association.

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