Have you seen that absurd McMaster ‘vulture’ ad?

I hate to pick on Henry when he’s dealing with death threats — and I hope and pray that comes out OK for him — but I forgot to mention this after I saw it a couple of days back.

Have you SEEN that thoroughly outrageous new TV ad of his? After having put out a fairly reasonable piece recently (which contrasted nicely with some of the stuff his rivals were doing), he now comes out with yet another bid to out-extreme the other Republicans.

I would compare it to the infamous 1964 daisy petal/mushroom cloud ad, except it actually contains MORE radical distortion of reality. To quote from the text:

They’re circling…After bailouts and takeovers…The Vultures want more. Our healthcare… our hard earned money… our liberty. South Carolina’s sovereignty is under attack… by politicians preying on our freedoms. Henry McMaster is leading the fight for the conservative cause….

Say what? If I believed half this nonsense about the Dems in Washington (who are not, near as I can tell, running for SC governor, so why is Henry running against them?), I’d say it was time for SC to fire on Fort Sumter again.

But I don’t. And I don’t see how anyone could.

18 thoughts on “Have you seen that absurd McMaster ‘vulture’ ad?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    “They” want “our health care”??!?! What does that even mean translated into the real world?

  2. David

    so why is Henry running against them?

    This isn’t an election. It’s a battle of good and evil, apparently. At least that’s how I explain the current GOP.

  3. Kathryn Fenner


    Would that that were true–I fear David has a better bead on the “mind” of Henry McM! I doubt many likely McMaster voters are swayed by his slumlordly ways–when a member of our ‘hood executive council’s daughter “came out” in the debutante sense, a McMaster daughter and several other slumlords’ daughters were fellow debs.

    Now that’s great title for a song: Slumlord’s Daughter.

    and in case anyone was wondering, my definition of a slumlord is someone who keeps his properties at best barely in compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code, which the most excellent Columbia planning and development head Marc Mylott has described as “not rainbows and unicorns, but basic habitability standards.”

  4. Ralph Hightower

    If Henry McMaster is elected as governor and choose Gresham Barrett at Lt. Governor to build the border fence with North Carolina and Georgia, and also picks Glenn McConnell as Adjutant General to man the Hunley and command the submarine force, then we can do it!

    We can secede from the United States of America yet another time.

    As Archie Bunker would say: “Geez Edith! Stifle!”

  5. Phillip

    Allow me to translate:

    “They’re circling…After bailouts and takeovers (voted for by Republicans as well as Democrats, we’d like to blame everything on Obama…)…The “pick-name-of-your-favorite-carcass-picking-animal-to-invoke-your-racial-hatred-of-group-of-your-choice” want more. THEIR healthcare (the presumptuousness of poor people to want some)… our hard earned money (earned via violating city codes to stuff as much rental money into our pockets as possible)… our liberty (to stuff as much money, etc., see above). South Carolina’s sovereignty (to crush its poor even more) is under attack… by politicians preying on our (the wealthy elite’s) freedoms (to do the same). Henry McMaster is leading the fight for the (wealthy, powerful) cause. The first to challenge Obama’s healthcare (for those who are too poor to have it and therefore don’t deserve it, poor people being morally defective). Defending South Carolina’s taxpayers (by crushing public education.) And standing tall for states’ rights. (Yay Rand Paul…revoke the Civil Rights Act!) The battle-tested (Fort Sumter) conservative leader. Henry McMaster for Governor.”

  6. bud

    This is just South Carolina fear-based politics. The GOP would be in big trouble if it had to get elected based on facts. Here are a few:

    1. Taxes are lower than they’ve been in decades.
    2. Health care has not even been fully implemented but when you break it down by what it actually does most people are in favor.
    3. McMaster has been involved in SC politics for decades so how does he get to play the outsider card? And where has his leadership gotten us? Way down at the bottom of the totem pole in most quality of life measures.
    4. Who exactly are these vultures anyway? Seems like you could label them BP, Goldman-Sachs and Big Pharma and you’d have a pretty accurate assessment of who the vultures really are.

    McMaster is a fear-mongering, nothing new retread of a GOP politician. Ironically he did seem fairly reasonable as AG until recently. Maybe his brand of politiking is different from how he would act as governor.

  7. Pat

    Oh, gosh, folks (not will!), it’s enough to make me bury my head under grandma’s quilt until June 8 is over! Did Rand Paul get his name from Ayn Rand? just wondering.

  8. Brad

    That seems like a reasonable assumption, but he says not, on this video. He’s a big fan of Ayn Rand, though, of course.

    To his credit, he also loves The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment. He credits Ayn with turning him on to them.

  9. Nick Nielsen

    The more I look at the Republican candidates for governor, the more I think I’ll vote in the primary.

    Just so I can write in “None of the above.”

  10. Kathryn Fenner

    You have a gift, Phillip.

    Took me a minute to realize you were saying Rand Paul read Karamazov and C & P, not Henry. The former is vastly more believable…

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