Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This morning, I was talking to someone about this feature, and explaining the origins of it and the philosophy of news that underlies it, and it occurred to me that I should always begin this report with a link to that explanation. Or at least, partial explanation. I think I need to develop an explanatory page in connection with my upcoming redesign.

Now, for today’s report:

  1. U.S. Inflation at 44-Year Low as Retail Prices Fall (NYT) — I’m leading with this because it’s a financial story I actually understand, as opposed to the one that follows it (which some sites are leading with). Consumer prices actually fell in April.
  2. Senate Fails to Move Ahead on Financial Regulation Bill (WSJ) — I don’t even understand what they’re going on about (it’s about money, right?), but maybe y’all do, and it sounds important. If you have trouble accessing the WSJ story, here’s the WashPost version.
  3. Drug War In Focus As Mexican President Visits U.S. (NPR) — I’m not seeing this played quite as prominently yet on other sites, but perhaps it should be.
  4. Voters Send Message of Disgust with Status Quo (WashPost) — Those elections elsewhere that folks keep talking about.
  5. Curfew in Bangkok after surrender of red-shirt leaders (BBC) — Things just continue to be kinda crazy over yonder.
  6. Lott: ‘Let’s talk’ about city-county deal (The State) — Another step along the path to a consolidated Columbia/Richland County police force.