Benjamin’s statements and other documents

As promised earlier in the day, here is a PDF of the documents Steve Benjamin released today. The Acrobat file includes:

  • A statement he made to police on May 3
  • A second statement made on May 6
  • A third statement dated May 19
  • A Uniform Traffic Ticket dated June 1 (it says “Date of Arrest,” but that’s just a formality; if I recall correctly, all traffic tickets say that)
  • The original incident report

Sorry to take so long to get these to you. I cooked and ate dinner first. Also had me a beer. So sue me.

I see that in the meantime, has posted its own PDF of the same document, which they have enhanced to increase contrast. Read that one if you prefer, but I went to the trouble of scanning this one a page at a time, so I’m going to bloody well post it.

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