Folks, Joe’s got enough money. You can stop giving now

It’s rather incredible that after all those millions that rolled into his (and opponent Rob Miller’s) coffers right after the “You Lie!” incident, Joe Wilson would still be trying to raise money.

But that’s how it works these days. Candidates raise money so they can set up a real steamroller of an operation that will raise them MORE money, on and on. Rob Miller’s probably doing the same thing and just doesn’t have my e-mail address or something.

Anyway, here’s Joe’s latest. Note the bombast. Note the hyperbole. Note the over-the-top demonization of the opposition. Yeah, it’s all extremely destructive to our ability to have a civil society, but hey — who cares if it works in infuriating people enough to give money, right? Here it is:

The clock is ticking to end the spending spree in Washington.  But Nancy Pelosi and her gang of liberals are trying to pull out all the stops to silence our conservative beliefs.  You have less than 24 hours left to have your voice heard since tonight at midnight marks the end of the financial quarter.
Just this week, Democrats launched an initiative aimed at tripping up conservatives and trying to play gotcha games.  Since liberals can’t win with their ideas like government-run health care and raising our taxes, they have to play games instead.
I have been busy meeting with constituents constantly in the Palmetto State.  Hard work is something I greatly value, and my promise has always been to be accessible and accountable.  This recent video will show just one example of my commitment to the Second District of South Carolina.
I realize we are in a tough economy, unemployment is far too high and the liberals in Washington need to get out of the way of small businesses and stop spending your money endlessly.
Going up against people who we’ve all seen will do or say anything isn’t easy.  This is a team effort.  Momentum is on the conservative side, we’ve seen it recently with the historic elections of Republicans in New Jersey and Massachusetts.
My opponent is taking in big bucks from unions and extreme groups like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even chipped in a few grand to the opposition.  Such donations will tell you where he really stands.
November may seem like a long way away, but we’re in a battle of ideas.  Our side will win and we will do it together. The financial quarter ends at midnight tonight.  Just $100, $50 or $25 will go along way in helping us send a strong message to Nancy Pelosi.
Please keep our conservative movement running strong as we build momentum for the fall.
Joe Wilson
US Congressman
PS – The financial quarter ends at midnight tonight. All the political pundits will be reporting on our fundraising totals. Please click here, to make a small donation and let Nancy Pelosi know that big government isn’t the path to economic freedom.
Yeah, things may be tough and you may not have a job, but I’m hoping I can get you to hate those other guys enough to cough up some of the money from your tiny unemployment check to help me stop ’em.

God have mercy upon us.

Like Joe would actually do anything to change the country, even by this pitiful standard, if re-elected. The point is to re-elect Joe, because he really likes being your congressman. He really does. It’s sort of touching, really, the extent to which he digs it, and gets all breathless about it. (I suppose Joe would send out letters gushing about just that, but his well-compensated consultants advise against anything that positive.) He’s like his late predecessor Floyd Spence in that respect. Floyd never tried to DO anything in Washington; he just loved being a congressman and having his picture taken with famous people, and voting a safe, conservative way, and doing constituent service so that folks would let him keep doing it. He never rocked anybody’s boat, and normally Joe doesn’t, either. It’s not his nature.

Which is what makes the “You Lie” thing so weird. I think Joe shocked himself that night, losing control like that. Which is why he apologized… until he saw all that money coming in.

7 thoughts on “Folks, Joe’s got enough money. You can stop giving now

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Gee, thanks for sharing, Brad. urp!

    –and we’re stuck with Joe, Jr. (Alan) for AG, too.

  2. Anne

    You know, that incident – his outburst and the ensuing donations to both sides – was what made me decide, once and for all, not to donate to individual candidates. I don’t like how the raising of the money itself becomes the contest. Never say never – I suppose I would donate if I truly believed the other candidate was the devil – but my money will be donated to actual causes.

  3. bud

    Good comments but I think you give “You Lie” Wilson waaaaay too much credit when you say he surprised himself when he called the President a liar. Maybe it wasn’t pre-meditated but he certainly knew what the President was going to say and the disgraceful shout out was not something he tried very hard to resist. And this idiot called for the resignation of Jake Knotts! What a Bozo. But that insults Bozo. Sorry Bozo, you’re way better than the disgraceful “You Lie”.

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