Fun Post IV: Jon Stewart’s latest on SC

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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I say it’s a “Fun Post,” but you know what — the fun of being mocked by “The Daily Show” is starting to wear thin. Even Jon Stewart, so charmed by us last week, seems to be getting sick of all the absurdity here in what he terms “America’s whoopie cushion, South Carolina.” There was an edge to his delivery last night — as when he said, “Only South Carolina can take a silk purse and turn it into a sow’s anus” — that seemed to say, “Enough already with you people!”

3 thoughts on “Fun Post IV: Jon Stewart’s latest on SC

  1. martin

    I wish he knew about the home schooling contractor mom who came in second in the GOP superintendent of education race, making it to the runoff, on her second run for the job. Contracting business not going real well?

    That has got to be at least as good as Alvin in terms of identifying somewhat cognitively impaired voters.

  2. Michael P.

    Everything he brought up was valid point. The Republicans obviously planted him (sarcasm), the Republicans convinced 100,000 Democrats to vote for him, Todd Rutherford’s excuse for him winning was blaming the alphabet. Clyburn is busy looking for elephant poop.

    You crazy Democrats are actually pretty funny when one starts really looking at you.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Stewart also picks off the lame questioning by the media…we aren’t the only ones dinged.

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