I don’t think Rex futures look like a good bet now

My attention was drawn this morning by an e-mail with the following headline on it:

Make an Investment in Jim Rex!

Sorry; I wish Jim all the best and everything — he’s certainly been supportive of me in the past, and I appreciate it — but in hard, cold dollars and cents, I just don’t think he’s a good investment bet right now.

If my highly trustworthy financial adviser (who gets nervous whenever I name him, lest people think I’m a good example of his work, so I won’t) were to recommend that as a good place to put my pennies to work, I think I’d get another financial adviser.

The question for me at this point is whether Vincent Sheheen wins it without a runoff. I doubt it, but you never know. In any case, the way this ends is that Sheheen is the nominee.

But I was interested to check out the names of people who will be at this Rex fund-raiser. Stuff like that always interests me. Here’s the list:

Ann & Frank Avignone | Amy & Robert Berger
Duncan Buell | Amanda & Todd Burnette
Anastasia Chernoff | Ken Childs | Don Doggett
David Dunn | Paula Harris | Valerie Harrison
Beth Howard | Lana & Steve Hefner | Lee Ann Kornegay
Betsy Carpentier & Phil Lacy | Oscar Lovelace
Annette & Steven Lynn | Barbara Rackes & Michael Mann
Sue & Robbie McClam | Heather Preston & Tim Mousseau
Angela & Stephen Peters | Julia & Jim Prater
Susan & Ron Prinz | Cynthia Davis & John Reagle
Linda Salane | Susan Heath & Rush Smith
Troy Cassel & Zeke Stokes | Diane Sumpter
Leah & Donald Tudor | Dr. Hoyt Wheeler
This is for a fund-raiser hosted by Barbara Rackes on June 10.

2 thoughts on “I don’t think Rex futures look like a good bet now

  1. Michael P.

    I believe Ford will receive more votes than Rex. I just hope he calls Walter Mondale to get some help on how to handle an “ass whooping”.

  2. Brad

    As further evidence of his inevitability, six former state Democratic Party chairs came out for Sheheen yesterday: Don McElveen, Don Fowler, Albert McAlister, Ronnie Maxwell, Dick Harpootlian, and Joe Erwin.

    In the days of smoke-filled rooms, that would be that. But even in these uber-democratice times in which we live, if these six guys didn’t think Vincent had it sewn up among the rank and file, I don’t think they’d be making this move. I think this reflects to some extent the way they’re reading the tea leaves.

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