I think I just might reject all the negativity, and accentuate (and reinforce) the positive

I’m not 100 percent there yet, but I’m leaning toward a resolution of my dilemma regarding which primary to vote in.

As I wrote in a comment on a previous thread:

But I’m tired of all these recriminations. I’m tired of all the negativity. I’m sick of all the mud-slinging, and the accusations back and forth. I’m leaning toward voting in the Democratic primary, where I don’t see any of that going on. It means I’m disenfranchised on a long list of public offices. But at least I’d be able to cast a POSITIVE vote (as opposed to trying to determine the least of evils) for governor. Maybe candidates who run positive campaigns DESERVE my vote; maybe that should be reinforced.

There’s just been so much ugliness in this campaign, but it strikes me: As Vincent Sheheen — who has been a strong candidate from the beginning – has quietly marched toward inevitability in the Democratic primary, we’ve seen none of that. Anybody besides me noticing that, or are your eyes still glued to the bloody wreck on the GOP side of the street?

10 thoughts on “I think I just might reject all the negativity, and accentuate (and reinforce) the positive

  1. Brent Nelsen


    I agree that being positive and discussing solutions is important.

    If I have gained the confidence of you, or any of your readers, I would appreciate your vote in the Superintendent race tomorrow.


  2. Matt Bohn

    Vincent Sheheen seems like a worthy, family-oriented politician committed to public education. As a teacher he has my vote. I’ve seen too many fellow employees fired in the last two years regardless of their political views. My wife was in law school with him and she sings his praises. For the first time in a long time I see a candidate truly worth supporting. In my opinion, the positive candidate is Sheheen.

  3. bud

    Keith Olberman featured our very own Jake Knotts as the worst person in the world last night for his “raghead” comments. That means I’m represented by:

    “Raghead” Jake
    “You Lie” Joe
    “Waterloo” Jim
    “Appalachian Trail” Mark

    Why bother to vote????

  4. Brad

    Don’t ever give in to despair. Take positive action. Turn hour back on all that negativity, and vote for Vincent Sheheen.

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