Jumps the gun a tad, but a strong video for Dems

Thought at first that this was a pretty good Vincent Sheheen video when someone brought it to my attention via Twitter — then I saw it included other Democrats, such as Ashley Cooper and Rob Miller, each of whom has no primary opposition.

But Sheheen — technically speaking — does have primary opposition. I’m quite sure he’s going to get the nomination, but it does seem that someone is jumping the gun a tad here.

Still, back to where I started, it’s a pretty good video. Makes some strong points well.

3 thoughts on “Jumps the gun a tad, but a strong video for Dems

  1. Karen McLeod

    I could have lived without the segment noting the accusations against Ms. Haley. The rest, however, lies within the appropriate range of political attack. Overall, I agree, a very good (and accurate) political ad.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    I don’t know who produced the video, but linking the rumors of Nikki Haley’s “Bill Clinton Problem” to SC Guv’not Mark Sanford’s confirmed and admitted “Bill Clinton Problem” is a stretch since the allegations of her infidelity has not been confirmed.

    Bill Clinton Problem: (def.) Problems with pants zippers.

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