Pore ol’ Henry can’t even get his picture in the paper anymore

Reading my Wall Street Journal this morning, I was struck with just how far poor ol’ Henry McMaster has fallen from when I thought he was the most likely of the GOP hopefuls.

The WSJ had a roundup of “Primaries to Watch From Coast to Coast,” and they had this little bit from our own Valerie Bauerlein:

In her quest to succeed embattled Gov. Mark Sanford, state Rep. Nikki Haley appears to have been helped, rather than hurt, by allegations of marital infidelity made by two men.
The topic has dominated the GOP primary in the two weeks since a popular blogger said he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Mrs. Haley, who is married. A powerful lobbyist was soon fired as an adviser to rival Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s campaign after saying that he, too, had a liaison with Mrs. Haley.
Mrs. Haley has raised less money and has fewer political connections than her rivals: Mr. Bauer, Attorney General Henry McMaster and U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett. But her anti-establishment message has resonated, and she has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the governor’s ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.
Weekend polls show many voters discount the claims against Ms. Haley, raising the specter that she may even receive more than 50% of votes cast, the threshold required to avoid a June 22 runoff.
—Valerie Bauerlein

But the text isn’t what I noticed first. What I noticed was that there were only two pictures: Media Darling Nikki Haley and Gresham Barrett.

I feel bad for Henry, who has been a good attorney general. Maybe he can squeeze past Gresham and get in a runoff. But in the end, Nikki wins it — if she doesn’t go ahead and win it all tonight.