South Carolina continues to entertain — which is why I voted for Vincent

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Thank You, South Carolina – The Race to Replace Disgrace
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Some alert readers brought my attention to Jon Stewart’s latest (well-deserved) mockery of South Carolina. Punch line, as in previous celebrations of our state (such as this one, and this one): “With all the terrible things going on in the world… Thank you, South Carolina! We really needed this!”

Entertaining, yes. But I’m tired of my state being a national joke, which is why I voted for change today.

20 thoughts on “South Carolina continues to entertain — which is why I voted for Vincent

  1. Brad

    Of course, being an outsider, Stewart gets it slightly wrong when he says, right after referring to Andre Bauer, that this is an election to decide who will “succeed Gov. Mark Sanford, who for no good reason has been allowed to continue to be Gov. Mark Sanford…”

    Hey, he just had the good reason up on his screen — Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer.

    But he gets it right when he calls this “The Race to Replace Disgrace.” I’m surprised no one is using that on their yard signs…

  2. Brad

    By the way, you have to wait through some gags about Helen Thomas to get to the South Carolina stuff. But it’s worth the wait. You get Andre, Sanford, Nikki, Jake, Will Folks and Larry Marchant, all in one supercharged laugh riot of a political analysis.


  3. Herb Brasher

    I thought it was the better part of wisdom to vote in the Republican primary now (so I could at least register a protest against Jim Demint) and to save my support for Sheheen for November.

  4. Herb Brasher

    Sorry, I should have posted the above comment further below. I see your point about voting for someone you feel positive about for a change, but I just wanted to register a protest against Haley and Demint.

  5. Ralph Hightower

    Marchant and Haley stayed out past midnight in bars in Utah? Utah has bars? I didn’t think one could drink alcohol in Utah!

  6. Doug Ross

    The reason why Sanford wasn’t forced to resign was because:

    a) It would make Bauer governor which would have POTENTIALLY given him more votes for the primary

    b) It would have made Glenn McConnell the new Lieutenant Governor which would take away all his power

  7. Brad

    Meanwhile, the Lexington County Republican Party has scheduled a special meeting Thursday to talk about Jake’s “raghead” remark.

    Let’s see: Lexington County GOP. Their own Jake Knotts. Their own Nikki Haley. “Raghead.”… I think Jon Stewart needs to send some cameras to this one.

    John O’Connor reports that “The meeting is public, but only members of the Lexington GOP’s executive committee will be able to speak…” That’s because everybody else will be struck dumb with horror.

    Hey, I don’t want to speak. I just want to HEAR this enlightened discussion.

  8. Ralph Hightower

    Late posting, but OMG! In the Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip, Helen Thomas looks so much like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars!


  9. Kathryn Fenner

    Poor Helen Thomas….She also looks like she could have been fabricated by Jim Henson….


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