‘The new iPhone’s here! The new iPhone’s here!’

In the 20th century, it was Navin Johnson and the new phonebook. (Phonebook! How utterly primitive!)

Today, it’s whatever the latest gadget Steve Jobs happens to be pushing.

If you check out the blog I help ADCO maintain (and yes, there will be more posts once the new Web site is launched), you’ll see a picture of my colleague Lora Prill using her old iPhone to take a picture of her new iPhone. Really. You can’t make this up.

And she is far from alone.

Personally, I think the grapes are sour, because my whole family is on Verizon, so unless I want every personal phone call counting against my minutes or whatever, I’m stuck with my Blackberry.

iPhones are cool, I’ll admit. But get a grip, people…

4 thoughts on “‘The new iPhone’s here! The new iPhone’s here!’

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I guess I’m in the Get Rich Slowly camp that says a phone to make phone calls and a laptop for everything else is a lot cheaper. I just have plain old voice service. If you absolutely have to reach me some other way, you need to reorder your priorities.

    I want a Zoolander phone–very small…

  2. Laurin Manning

    Brad, you should look at the Android phones on Verizon. I have the HTC Incredible, and it’s comparable to an iPhone. The new Motorola Droid looks cool too. Android phones are lightyears faster than Blackberries, and the internet actually looks like the internet, which is not the case on a BB.


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