The Politico profile of Will Folks

Monday night, as I was resting up before election day, I got an e-mail from Ben Smith at Politico asking for an interview the following day — about Will Folks and the Nikki Haley story.

I said OK, and called him next morning on the Blackberry as I was driving to my polling place to vote. I was a little distracted during the interview because I was hunting for my polling place (sometimes it’s at the John Deere place on 378, sometimes at the church across the road — and I mistakenly went to the Deere place first as we spoke), but he seems to have extracted a couple of tidbits worth using.

Nothing I haven’t said before here, I don’t think. But y’all might find the piece interesting. It’s fairly long — which means that Polito has now published more about Will Folks than my old newspaper did this morning about Alvin Greene. Sigh

It’s called “The blogger who upended S.C. politics.” Which you know Will’s gotta be digging.

5 thoughts on “The Politico profile of Will Folks

  1. Brad

    Well, now, here’s an interesting side note: After publishing a post last night boasting on his post-Nikki traffic (and it IS impressive, by SC standards), Will has been off the air — according to my RSS feeder anyway.

    Which surprises me, because posting often is how Will has built up all that traffic (that, and the cheesecake pictures of starlets),

    So has Wes Wolfe, who only posted twice yesterday, and three other times this week.

    And Earl Capps has at least posted today — once.

    What gives, guys?

    Looks like my former paper isn’t the only one taking a breather after Tuesday. But the news goes on…

    That said, I occasionally take a day or two off myself. But not usually at the beginning of a two-week runoff campaign (such as it is).

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    There is a special circle of hell reserved for people who wreak mischief just for the hell of it….Will Folks has a standing reservation.

  3. Michael P.

    “There is a special circle of hell reserved for people who wreak mischief just for the hell of it….Will Folks has a standing reservation.”

    As I understand it, it’s the line to the left of the express line created for lawyers. Yes, only one line… they were going to put in a second but Lucifer himself said, “They can stand in line and wait”.

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    Lawyers represent clients. They are bound, within certain ethical constraints, to carry out their client’s wishes. Not sure where that is execrable.

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