Vic Rawl throws in the towel

This just in from Vic Rawl:

A few moments ago, I sent the following letter to my supporters:
Dear Friend:
The last ten days have been extraordinary.
But for me and Laura, it is the months before that are far more important. I cannot express our gratitude for your support during the campaign and in the days since the primary election.
We hold our heads high, and know that the friendship of people like you is far more important in life that the outcome of any election.
I wanted you to hear from me that we will not be appealing last night’s decision by the Democratic Executive Committee to reject our protest of the election results. My campaign for the United States Senate has ended.
The issues we raised about the lack of election integrity in South Carolina are real, and they are not going away unless people act. I assure you that I will continue to speak out about our frail, vulnerable and unverifiable election system in the months to come.
I also feel strongly that the Democratic Party needs major reform of the rules and procedures regarding ballot qualification, protests and many other areas. This is critical to strengthen the Party and make it broadly competitive in our state.
Let me also take a moment to thank our volunteers. They gave selflessly of their time and talent toward making our state better. I also deeply thank my staff, a talented and dedicated group of professionals who were champions both before and after June 8th.
Thank you again for your support – this race was for you.

9 thoughts on “Vic Rawl throws in the towel

  1. Nick Nielsen

    Let’s see now…the choices are:
    – The Republican candidate billed as the most Conservative member of Congress, even though his stated agenda is pretty radical.
    – The Democratic candidate nobody has ever heard of.
    – The Green candidate nobody has ever heard of.

    Looks like a no-brainer to me: None of the above.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    I cannot and will not vote for Jim DeMint or Alvin Greene. I will have to write in another choice.

  3. Phillip

    Democratic party officials of the state should just go ahead and endorse Tom Clements in the race and toss him just enough money to buy enough ads on radio and a few on TV and signs, etc., to convince people he is the “nominee” opposing DeMint, but not diverting too much money away from the election they CAN win, the gubernatorial one. Since Greene won’t be spending any money, he should be eclipsed pretty easily by a slightly visibly present Clements. Of course, that’s what we thought about Vic Rawl.

  4. scout

    I have seen people wondering if Alvin could be any worse than Jim DeMint? I don’t know. Maybe Alvin will get it together and have something to say. Should be interesting to watch. I will not vote for Jim DeMint, so it will either be Alvin or the other guy, if either of them muster up a point, or I will abstain from voting in that race. Does anybody know what is a reason that someone could be honorably but involuntarily discharged. Could it be a Traumatic Brain Injury? This would possibly explain his apparent difficulty with language/auditory processing skills and that he was able to obtain a college degree in the past. I don’t know – just thinking out loud.

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    Linda Ketner is collecting signatures in Chucktown, if any of y’all are down there.

    She’s got the bucks to make a run for it, and DeMint is not as popular in state as you’d think.”A Public Policy poll in May indicated that only 43 percent of South Carolinians approved of the job DeMint was doing in the Senate. Thirty-nine percent said that DeMint was not spending enough time focusing on his state’s interests while in Washington, whereas only 38 percent said his level of commitment to advocating for South Carolina was “about right.” Public Policy’s Tom Jensen wrote on his blog that these amounted to “pretty underwhelming approval ratings” for DeMint.”

  6. martin

    DeMint can talk about evil earmarks all he wants, SC is used to politicians who bring home the bacon. They might have figured out he doesn’t.

  7. Pat

    I checked out Linda Ketner’s site. VERY interesting. She needs 10,000 signatures by July 15 and has a map of where her forms are located – most are in Charleston but she had a location in Columbia and Greenville. Folks there know her, I’m sure, but she needs more personal information about her on her site. Voters like to feel they “know” someone. She has a Darla Moore look – sure couldn’t hurt her!


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