Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In keeping with my anachronistic philosophy of what makes a lede story, here is my first pseudo-front page coming off the long weekend:

  1. U.S. Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Gulf Oil Spill (NYT) — While the crude just keeps on spewing.
  2. Israel to deport detainees captured on Gaza ships (WashPost) — Normally, I go to the BBC first for international news. But not when it’s about Israel. That would be like going to Fox for news about Obama. The WashPost was more evenhanded. Israel has screwed up enough on this one without spinning it. OK, I think I’ve provoked enough for one brief news item.
  3. Al-Qaeda No. 3 Yazid reported killed by U.S. drone (WashPost) — This time, al Qaeda confirms.
  4. Columbia Cops Complete Benjamin Crash Probe (WIS) — It’s been turned over to the state Department of Public Safety for review.
  5. Al And Tipper Gore Decide To Separate (WashPost) — After 40 years of marriage. Meanwhile, in unrelated but coincidental news…
  6. Global Warming Makes Everest Unsafe To Climb (BBC) — Well, there go my summer vacation plans. But wait — wasn’t the idea behind climbing it that it was, you know, unsafe?

8 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, June 1, 2010

  1. Doug Ross

    So we killed the #3 Al-Qaeda guy… good news. But we also killed his wife, children, and grandchildren with the missile that took him out.
    Is that our current level of collateral damage tolerance?

    And killing the #3 results in us being how much safer today than we were yesterday? Will the threat level drop from “orange” to “orange-y”?

  2. bud

    That was good Kathryn. I needed a good laugh.

    Seems like we’ve killed the number 3 guy about a thousand times now. If was the number 4 guy I think I’d decline a promotion.

    To answer Doug’s question, of course we’re not any safer. Killed a bunch of folks for no good reason.

  3. Bart

    While doing a little browsing during lunch, ran across a little tidbit that simply defies logic and common sense. George W. Bush can be blamed for a lot of things and when opportunity knocks, the White House/Democrats never let it go by.

    Now, he is being blamed in part for Al and Tipper going their separate ways. Fascinating.

  4. Phillip

    Bart’s just illustrated, beautifully, one of Brad’s main points on another post (about CNN, the blogosphere, etc.)

    Folks, please google “Bush blamed for Gore split.” What comes up?

    ONE item on the CBS evening news where a reporter made a statement that maybe could be interpreted as blaming the separation on Bush (though really it sounds like she just blamed the election outcome for the separation).

    Then, about this ONE statement, you will find links to DOZENS and DOZENS of blogs, conservative and extreme rightist websites excoriating—no, not just the reporter in question—ALL the “left” and the “MSM” and “Democrats” (and according to Bart, the White House itself!) for “blaming Bush” for the separation.

    I ask, what and who is really defying logic and common sense here?

    And before you hop in here, Brad…yes, it can work the other way too. Somebody can make a ill-considered remark about Obama and the left-wing blogosphere can work itself up into a lather about it, generalizing about whole groups of people, etc.

  5. Brad

    Best part of that piece:
    “Good god, does this mean that Al Gore is going to date? And plus, oh please please please tell me he has not already been dating. Do not want to know. Nyah, nyah, nyah. I cannot hear you. I cannot heeeeaaaar you.”


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