Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here’s what we have at the end of this Wednesday:

  1. General Sacked; Petraeus Takes Command (WashPost) — Anyone who’s read Generation Kill — an excellent book, by the way, and a pretty good miniseries — knows that if you’re a military officer and care about your career, you don’t express your standard-issue military man’s contempt for the politicians above you show in front of the Rolling Stone guy. Gen. McChrystal did, and now the Pro from Dover’s going to run the war in Afghanistan — which may be a very good thing for the country in the long run.
  2. Americans Lose Confidence in U.S., Obama (WSJ) — New Wall Street Journal/NBC News shows a toll from the oil spill.
  3. Problem With Cap Causes More Oil to Gush in Gulf (NYT) — Meanwhile, things get worse in the Gulf.
  4. RUNOFF RESULTS — Old news now, and the big stories were no surprises, but since I didn’t have a front page earlier on the subject, I include it here. Haley, Scott, Wilson, Johnson and other stories. The Inglis story, little noticed around here, was huge, as I noted on the radio this afternoon.
  5. Late Goal Advances U.S. At World Cup (NPR) — And they just keep on kickin’.
  6. Sanfords’ kiss draws attention (thestate) — A small thing, you say? Well, it was, but it was another occasion for me to marvel that this man is still our governor. On what should have been Nikki’s night, he interrupts his ex-wife while she is talking to reporters to give her a kiss, I suppose because he just isn’t getting enough attention.

One thought on “Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

  1. Pat

    About Inglis. He’s a nice guy, tells the truth, not a very inspiring speaker. The campaign was painful; he became desperate. Gowdy is well liked, well-spoken, and a successful solicitor. Inglis went against the GOP grain which could have been overlooked if there had been some continuity in his positions. Lindsay Graham can do it because there is a rhyme to his reason and because he can get on Meet the Press umpteen thousand times and come off sensible and well-reasoned.
    My beef with Inglis was that after the troops were committed, he voted against the money for them. We don’t send our men and women off to war without the financial backing. While he prayed for the troops and seemed to have genuine concern for them, he just didn’t get it.

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